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  • Jewelry Gift Guide: 30 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

    November 23, 2021 6 min read

    jewelry gift ideas

    Jewelry is one of the most meaningful and timeless gifts to give to someone you love. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, your anniversary, or just because, there’s always an occasion to show appreciation by giving her a little something with a lot of meaning. Finding the perfect jewelry gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, or friend requires thought and effort, but it shows you’re attentive to her style and know her well. But if you don’t know where to start jewelry shopping or are coming up short on ideas, we’re here to lend an expert hand with our jewelry gift guide of 30 necklacesbraceletsearringsrings, and pendants she’s sure to love.  

    Jewelry gifting guidelines 

    Before you begin jewelry shopping in earnest, we have a few tips to help you become an expert jewelry shopper in her eyes. 

    1. Extra sparkle does not always mean extra-special. Some women love bold bling, but others prefer simple, dainty jewelry. Just a little sparkle goes a long way. 
    2. The best jewelry is not necessarily the most expensive. A ruby will nearly always cost more than an amethyst, but she might rather have a purple stone over a red one. Also, 24k gold is more expensive than 14k or 18k, but it’s also softer and not the best material for everyday wear. 
    3. Quality is crucial. Purchasing jewelry for the woman you love is more than an investment in an accessory--it’s an investment in her. Quality is important for the material, stone, or overall design of a piece. If you’re not sure of what metals are great for jewelry, read our rhodium jewelry FAQ and guide to hypoallergenic metals
    4. Her preferences are a priority. If you want her to love the jewelry you buy, it’s important to know her. Don’t pick the gift based on your likes or dislikes. You should know what type or style of jewelry is most important to her, what she feels confident wearing, and her personality. 

    How to find the perfect jewelry gift for her 

    Here’s a list of what to keep in mind when jewelry shopping. All, or at least some, of the items on the list will certainly be important to you: 

    • Her style: Is she a maximalist or a minimalist? Does she like bold or muted colors? Is she unique or trendy? Study her style so you can be sure she’ll love and wear your jewelry gift. 
    • Special meaning: If you’re shopping for a birthday or anniversary, birthstone jewelry is a great choice. But she may also love a particular stone for its meaning rather than her birth month. Learn the meanings of gemstones or the meanings of birthstones so you can surprise her with a thoughtful and personal gift. 
    • The occasion: If you’re gifting your girlfriend but not proposing, she may not appreciate diamond jewelry. If it’s your anniversary, you can choose a gift that corresponds with the material or gemstone of your anniversary year. The holiday season with its many festivities is a great time to give statement cocktail jewelry. 
    • Your budget: Even if you have a limit on the amount you can spend, you can still easily find beautiful, high-quality jewelry. Many times the differences between a $100 piece and a $1,000 piece are difficult to spot. You’ll find jewelry gift ideas by budget below. 

    Jewelry gift ideas for her

    If you’ve given thought to what type and style of jewelry your special someone would love, you’re ready to start shopping. We’ve listed some of the best jewelry gift ideas by occasion, type, and budget. But don’t let that limit you! Many of the options work well for many different occasions and styles. 

    Best jewelry for special occasions

    Anniversary jewelry 

    For anniversaries, you can stick to tradition by gift year or find something personal and meaningful--either way, make sure it’s something you’ll know she’ll love. 

    Gold Kiss Earrings with White Diamonds ($1,920.00)

    These earrings represent an eternal kiss, in the symbolic X made of gold embellished with white diamonds, which makes them the perfect romantic anniversary jewelry. 

    Kiss Earrings


    Pearl Drop Earrings ($450.00)

    Pearls are the traditional gift to celebrate 3 years of marriage. These earrings are streams of clustered pale pink and white pearls--the perfect colors to symbolize love. 

    Pearl Drop Earrings

    Shop all anniversary jewelry

    Birthday jewelry 

    Any type of jewelry makes a great birthday gift, but gemstone jewelry is a thoughtful way to personalize by birth month. 

    Rose-Cut Sapphire Earrings with Blue Topaz ($585.00)

    These earrings are an excellent choice for a September (sapphire birthstone) or December (blue topaz birthstone) birthday, or for anyone who loves blue.


    Blue Sapphire & Topaz Rose Cut Earrings


    Marquise Gemstone Earrings ($195)

    These earrings come in stones for January (garnet), February (amethyst), August (peridot), and December (blue topaz) birthdays. They’re a small but bright pop of color in an 18k vermeil setting.

    Marquise Gemstone Earrings 

    Shop all birthstone jewelry or learn the meaning of birthstones

    Mother’s Day jewelry 

    No gift can amount to the love of a mother, and a mother will love her children no matter the gift. But if anyone deserves to be treated, it’s the mothers who’ve loved us well. Meaningful jewelry that reminds mothers of family makes excellent Mother’s Day gifts. 

    3-Stone Petal Pendant Necklace ($484.00)

    This necklace is great for a mom of 3. The pendant has 3 petals--one for each child in iolite, citrine, and garnet--and is designed to remind us to “bloom where we are planted.”

    3 Stone Petal Pendant 

    Gemstone Cluster Necklace ($448.00)

    This cool-toned cluster of pearl, iolite, green amethyst, and smoky quartz might be just the serene, calming amulet a mom of 4 needs.

    Cool Tone Gemstone Cluster Necklace 

    Jewelry for everyday wear 

    Here are two gifts for the woman who prefers jewelry she can wear every day rather than something only worn on occasion. This everyday jewelry proves that simple is anything but boring. 

    Gold Edge Collection Hoops ($414.00)

    These gold hoop earrings have elegant scalloped edges and come in 5 sizes, small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large.

    Large Gold Hoop Earrings 

    Pearl and Spinel Gold Necklace ($590.00)

    This necklace is strung with Keshi pearls, Japanese pearls with a wavy shape and unique character. It can be worn long or looped for different necklines.

    Pearl Spinel Necklace 

    Commitment jewelry for your girlfriend 

    A commitment ring allows you to express your love and loyalty to the girl of your dreams even if you two aren’t ready for marriage. Commitment jewelry is not limited to rings, you can express your love in any type of jewelry, and we have endless options. 

    Blue Topaz Ring with White Diamonds ($2,830.00)

    This blue topaz ring is a beautiful burst of color. The horizontal marquise shape adds a fun and unique flair.

    14K Blue Topaz Ring with Diamonds 

    Shop all commitment rings or read more about how to shop for a unique engagement ring if you are considering marriage. 

    Best one-of-a-kind jewelry 

    Each piece of jewelry from our one-of-a-kind collection has a personality all of its own and is perfect to show that you love her for what makes her exceptional in your eyes. No two necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings are alike. We’ve listed one of each type from our collection. 

    Sapphire and Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace ($338.00)

    This deep blue blossom is a rose-cut sapphire with a blue topaz petal. The sapphire is a gorgeous and durable gemstone full of meaning. It’s set in rhodium, a high-quality and durable metal.


    Sterling Silver Earrings with Spinel, Onyx, and Pearl ($440.00)

    These black spinel with white pearl earrings sparkle like the night sky. The stones are balanced on symmetry and the perfect harmony of strength and serenity.


    Citrine and Blue Topaz Silver Cuff ($3,400.00)

    This cuff is a fun and vibrant work of art. The teardrop and oval-shaped citrine and topaz are a balance of excitement and tranquility.


    Silver Baroque Pearl Ring ($450.00)

    Baroque pearls are never smooth but always full of character. This is the ring that goes with anything and looks great on every occasion. 


    Emerald Slide Pendant Necklace ($950.00)  

    This pendant is a rich, rose-cut emerald surrounded by a halo of white sapphires. This elegant but slightly daring pendant is sure to impress.


    Best jewelry gifts on a budget

    We have beautiful, quality jewelry for every budget. If you have a set amount in mind to spend,  look at our list of jewelry grouped by price, or you’re sure to find more items within all of our collections.  

    Earrings under $100

    Jewelry under $100

    Jewelry under $300

    Jewelry under $300

    Jewelry under $1000


    jewelry under $1000

    Jewelry under $3000

    jewelry under $3000

    If you know that your wife or girlfriend would have fun picking out her own jewelry, give her a QEvon gift card and have a great time shopping together! If your girl is always on the go, read our list of the 10 best travel jewelry cases that would make thoughtful additions to your jewelry gift. Find more holiday jewelry gift ideas curated by Q with special mark-downs. 

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