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  • Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Her: Baubles, Bubbles and Bling

    February 02, 2023 5 min read

    unique valentine's day gifts for her

    Candy and chocolates. Flowers. Cards. Jewelry and gift cards. Spa treatments or a special night out. So many options; so hard to choose the best gift for your Valentine.

    We know that picking the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is complicated and we’re here to help. From classic Valentine’s gifts to grand gestures featuring unique Valentine’s day gifts for her, the possibilities are endless.

    Our best advice? Before you shop, do a little snooping! Decide what kind of gift you want to give — humorous, helpful, or heartfelt — and then pay attention to your loved one. Consider it listening with your eyes.


    Think of “baubles” as something she doesn’t really need but that will make her life better (or more fun). Is she a runner? What about a new pair of headphones to listen to her favorite tunes on her run. An avid reader? Perhaps a new e-reader or gift card to her favorite bookstore. Does she travel often? Look for small items that can be easily packed and will add ease or joy to the trip.

    1. Must Have Travel Bag

    One of Q’s favorite must have travel items is a small multi-purpose bag. “I never leave home without a small backpack or crossbody bag for day trips – whether hiking, sightseeing, or shopping, it’s absolutely essential,” Q confirms. Not sure where to start? The MOSISO Sling Backpack is one of her favorites, and there are multiple cute color combinations.

    Mosiso crossbody bag

    2. Must Have Sound Machine

    Let’s face it - snoring can be a deal breaker! The LectroFan Micro 2 is a compact but powerful white noise sound machine. It’s rechargeable and small enough to take on trips. So, if you snore (or she purrs), this little gadget might just save the day. And yes, we’re speaking from experience.


    From bubbly to bubble bath, there are so many ways to create a special night for two. A couple's massage or date night adventure can create special memories and are a wonderful way to show her you care for her, body and soul.

    1. Must Have Bubbly

    Indulge her with a decadent bottle of bubbly - we love Brut Palmes d’OR (with luck, you may find it for as little as 95.00 a bottle). Whether you choose champagne or sparkling wine, be sure to have a wine opener and flutes on hand for a seamless experience.

    Brut Palmes d'Or

    2. Must Have Bubbles

    Treat her to soothing bubble bath or bath salts like Q’s favorite Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Mineral Bath which combines the soothing effects of Roman chamomile with the spa-like experience of a mineral bath. Q says, “I have been using these salts both at home and when traveling for over a decade. At less than 15.00, it is an incredibly luxurious spa like experience. (Pro tip - be sure to serve her a delightful glass of bubbly while she soaks).
    Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Mineral Bath


    Giving jewelry is a special way to say “I love you.” If you pay attention to a few details you can make a jewelry purchase that will surprise and delight her. Whether you’re looking for jewelry gifts for friends, jewelry gifts for mom, or a gift for that special someone, here are three questions you should consider and bits of information you should collect.

    1. What kind of metal does she wear?

    Is your lady a mixed metal jewelry fan? Does she prefer silver or gold? Swirl Hoops are one of our best selling — and favorite — earrings. Did you know that swirls complement every face shape? Q spent weeks experimenting with the correct weight and shape to make sure these swirls would be perfectly balanced, requiring no earnut or pushback to keep the earring in place. The result? Perfect gold or silver hoops.

    Silver Swirl Earrings

    Our favorite mixed metal earrings are the 2 tab and 4 tab earrings. The individually textured tabs are acid-etched, granulated and roller printed with unique textures inspired by city streets. The 9 Tab Mixed Metal Necklace is a perfect accompaniment to the earrings. The Tab Collection is also available in all silver or all gold tabs.

    Mixed Metal Earrings with 4 Tabs

    And, for a touch of whimsy, our Triple Charm Mixed Metal Earrings or Triple Charm Mixed Metal Necklace combine an element representing the four winds at sea - Q's take on the compass rose - with a golden spike and shield.

    triple charm mixed metal earrings

    2. What color gemstones does she like?

    Sneak a peek in her jewelry box or closet and pay attention to what colors she wears frequently.

    Peruse the Edge Color Collection and you’ll find that our colored gemstone jewelry spans the rainbow from blue topaz to citrine, peridot to ruby, pearl to black onyx, and so much more.

    One of our favorite and most affordable sterling silver jewelry sets is the Q Logo Necklace and Q Logo Earrings. If she prefers gold, several gemstone combinations are also available in 18k vermeil necklaces and 18k vermeil earrings.

    Q Logo Necklace and Earrings

    Of course our Valentine’s list wouldn’t be complete without a few of our favorite multi gemstone necklaces and earrings. Ruby is a symbol of love and commitment making it a perfect Valentine gift for a special woman.

    The Spinel, Ruby and Gold necklace features handmade gold beads. Strands are available in 3 lengths which may be worn layered together or the longer strands can be doubled around the neck. There are also dangle and hoop earrings that match this gemstone combination.
    Ruby Spinel and Gold Bead Necklace

    Q’s Ruby and Gold Waterfall Dangle earrings beautifully combine petite faceted rubies with 18k vermeil beads for a beautiful burst of color.
    Ruby Waterfall Earrings in Gold

    Our unique gold gemstone earrings feature a stunning combination of Spinel, Ruby and Stick Pearl earrings on a textured gold post top. Vibrant, shimmering gold perfectly sets off this gemstone combination.

    gold earrings with ruby pearl and spinel

    You can’t go wrong with gorgeous chalcedony studs set in sterling silver. They will go with any look from casual to formal. For a dressier look in chalcedony, try the chalcedony drop earrings in either silver or 18k vermeil.
    Chalcedony earrings

    Both fun and flirty, our long drop earring and pendants are available in several options including blue topaz, pearl, black onyx with ruby and pyrite, mandarin and more.

    long drop pendant or earrings

    3. Would she prefer a jewelry staple or a unique one of a kind statement piece?

    Not sure what “staple jewelry” is? Read our blog 10 Staple Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own and find the perfect addition for her jewelry box.

    It’s no surprise that pearl jewelry is a staple, and these Baroque Pearl earrings are available in both silver and gold. For more inspiration, take a look at all of our Pearl Jewelry.

    Baroque Pearl Earrings

    Every woman also needs a “go to” gold or silver necklace. Our mixed metal Circle of Life Necklace is perfect when you need just a touch of shimmer and can be worn alone for a minimalist look or laid with other designs from Q’s Metal Elements Collection.

    Circle of Life mixed metal necklace

    One of Q’s newest inspirations is a series of Handmade Chains in gold, silver or black and gold. Both a “staple” and a unique handmade necklace, these stylish necklaces come in multiple lengths and can be worn alone or layered.

    Handmade chain necklaces


    Not sure what to give? A unique gift card will do nicely. From spa services like manicures, pedicures and massages to dinner or a movie, you can treat her to something special. Of course we suggest a Q Evon Fine Jewelry gift card so she can choose her favorite piece of jewelry.

    Gift Cards

    Whatever gift you choose, be sure to write a heartfelt note and let her know how truly special she is to you.

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