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Oval Labradorite Silver Stud Earrings

Oval labradorite stud earrings in sterling silver.

  • 8 x 6mm labradorite cabochons
  • sterling silver

These stunning labradorite stud earrings shimmer with the slightest turn, like an ocean wave or starry evening sky.
Labradorite is commonly called the “dreamer’s stone,” and its spiritual meaning centers around that. It is your portal to access higher realms of wisdom, connect with the divine, and uncover parts of your subconscious genetic makeup. Labradorite is also considered one of the most powerful protectors.
The iridescent effect displayed by labradorite is a result of it, technically, being a feldspar mineral. It’s absolutely beautiful with a pearly, vitreous luster.
What is a cabochon stone?
A cabochon (from Middle French) is a gemstone which has been shaped and polished as opposed to being faceted. The resulting form is usually a convex (rounded) obverse with a flat reverse. Cabochon was the default method of preparing gemstones before gemstone cutting was developed. Find other cabochon stones in our collection here.
Enjoy the essence of Q's Pura Vida Collection with these oval labradorite stud earrings.