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10 Best Travel Jewelry Cases for Your Next Vacation

June 15, 2021 9 min read

Travel jewelry case

If you’re wondering how to pack a necklace so it doesn’t tangle or disappear from your carry-on, a travel jewelry case is your answer. A portable jewelry case is a purchase that makes you wonder how you ever packed without it. Or how you even dared tote your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings loose in a cosmetic bag or a pocket of your purse. Jewelry is meant to be worn. It belongs around a neck, wrist, or finger, not preserved behind glass or in a box or, heaven forbid, buried in beach sand, stuck in a car seat, or lost on a layover. So what are the options for traveling with jewelry? Wear it and potentially lose it or leave it behind and never feel fully dressed? Either way, you’ll be without a smile--unless you have a travel case to carry and protect your jewelry. 
We’ll share our 10 picks of best travel jewelry cases and explain how you can choose the best one for your trip. 

What is a travel jewelry case?

A travel jewelry case is a small, secure, and portable space for your favorite jewelry. Its compartments keep your earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets organized in one place while traveling. It allows you to take jewelry on a trip without worrying the different pieces may tangle, tarnish, or disappear. Many cases have necklace clasps, ring dividers, and earring boxes and are lined with a soft material to protect your jewelry from damage. A portable jewelry case is a perfect size to tuck away in your purse or carry-on. You can choose a standard travel jewelry box but also have options like travel jewelry portfolios, jewelry rolls, or pouches. 

Benefits of a travel jewelry organizer

  • Prevents necklaces from tangling--It’s the simplest solution to avoid pulling all of your necklaces out from a bag in one knotted, unwearable mass.
  • Keeps your jewelry organized--It conveniently houses all of your jewelry in the same place, but it’s also compartmentalized so you don’t have to dig around for a matching earring.  
  • Helps protect your jewelry--It keeps your jewelry separated with dividers to avoid scratches and tangling, and it’s often lined with anti-tarnish material. 
  • Easy to pack--It’s small, light, and easy to carry. 
  • Great for simple or statement pieces--Its compartments are often different sizes so you can travel with large or dainty jewelry. 

Considerations when buying a travel jewelry case

1. Destination: Where will your adventure take you? 

You definitely need jewelry for a wedding in Croatia but not for a hike up Machu Picchu. That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to take any jewelry with you to Peru, just not as much, so you wouldn’t need as large or luxurious a case as you would bring for less rugged terrain. Also consider the danger in certain areas, especially if you are traveling alone. You may not feel safe packing a lot of jewelry. Sometimes the distance of your destination determines how much jewelry you need. You may want a more compact jewelry case for a tour of Europe than you would for a trip to Vegas. Lost jewelry somewhere an ocean away would be harder to find and return. 

2. Itinerary: What’s on the agenda?

You may need a mini jewelry box or simple pouch for adventurous or quick trips and a larger jewelry case for more leisurely or event-filled trips. Think through the plans for your trip. You may not need any jewelry and decide to leave it securely at home. A good way to know for sure is to plan your outfits before your trip, keeping in mind how difficult it would be to replace something should it go missing on a particular outing. You may realize you need more or less jewelry than you anticipated and should choose your jewelry case size accordingly. 

3. Luggage plans: How do you plan to tote your jewelry? 

If you plan to keep it in a clutch or satchel by your side, then you need something narrow and flat. But if you decide to stow it away during a flight or leave it securely in a hotel, then you may opt for a large travel jewelry box or briefcase. Also, consider the jewelry you may purchase on your trip. It must come home with you somehow, and it’s more secure in a case than anywhere else. 

4. Case quality: How reliable is your jewelry case? 

If you invest in quality jewelry, then we recommend you do the same for your travel jewelry case. A designer jewelry case lined with soft genuine suede would be a great choice, but it’s not your only choice. Even non-designer cases can be high-quality. Just make sure the lining isn’t made of plastic like nylon, which is common in generic cases. Nylon does not project from tarnishing or provide soft, scratch-resistant cushioning. Also, make sure that the clasp seals the jewelry case securely and won’t pop open or unfasten. 

5. Your jewelry: What kind of jewelry are you bringing?  

If you’re bringing expensive or meaningful jewelry, then you should put it in a strong, secure case. If you’re bringing long necklaces, then you’ll want to find a case with clasps that hold the necklaces in place. You need larger compartments for statement earrings and cushioned supports for multiple rings

How to pack jewelry for travel 

Traveling with expensive jewelry? 

  • Bring a travel jewelry case. Choose one of good quality to make sure your jewelry stays protected. 
  • Wear your valuables. TSA guidelines permit jewelry in your carry-on or checked luggage but recommend you keep it on you. You don’t need to worry about setting the metal detector off unless you’re wearing metal jewelry. You may not want to wear large jewelry while traveling either. If you can’t wear it, then carry it. Put it in your carry-on, not in a bin where it can easily get swiped. It’s also risky to leave your jewelry in a hotel unattended. If you must leave valuable pieces behind, make sure they're locked in a jewelry case or suitcase with a combination lock, as well as in a hotel safe. 
  • Don’t travel with uninsured jewelry. Make sure your insurance plan covers any potential travel mishaps. 
  • Document every piece. Snap a picture of all your jewelry in the case before taking off. If anything is stolen, you have time-stamped evidence. A picture is also helpful when you’re packing to return home and can’t remember exactly what you brought with you. 
  • Limit yourself when packing. Only bring what you need so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with a stash of jewelry. If accessorizing is your thing, then still keep treasured pieces at a minimum and try to bring more costume jewelry. 
  • Don’t flash it. Of course, you’ll want to show off your jewelry, but save it for the right occasion. If you’re venturing on public streets or through an airport, try to tuck your jewelry out of sight so you don’t become a target. 
  • Consider an alternative engagement ring. Your engagement ring might be the most meaningful piece of jewelry in your collection, so it’s understandable if you prefer not to pack it. But you don’t have to go without. Choosing an alternative engagement ring could provide the perfect option when you’re traveling. 
  • Secure the jewelry you leave at home. Don’t get so caught up in organizing your travel jewelry that you forget to hide or lock up valuable jewelry at home before you leave for vacation.  

10 Best Travel Jewelry Cases

1. Mark & Graham Travel Jewelry Bento Case (The best travel jewelry case overall)

Cost: $129

  • Colors: blush, navy, stone 
  • Vegan leather 
  • Linen lining 
  • Personalization option 

Why we love it: This jewelry case is one of our favorites for the same reason the bento box is popular in Japanese cuisine--it gives you space to pack a little sampling of all the jewelry in your collection. It contains three compartments plus a removable pouch, watch or bracelet holder, and a mini ring holder that all fit perfectly inside the box. The case has a lot to offer, but it’s not overly complicated. It holds exactly what you need to represent a flavor of your jewelry taste but limits you to a few of your favorites so that you only take what you need but never feel like you’re lacking. 

2. WOLF Zoe Travel Round (The best small travel jewelry case)

WOLF Zoe Round Travel Jewelry Case
Cost: $115 

  • Colors: mink, indigo, forest green 
  • Velvet 
  • Anti-tarnishing LusterLoc lining

Why we love it: This case may be the best looking on our list. If you don’t want to sacrifice style with a smaller size, it’s the one for you. It’s embroidered with charming florals on jewel-toned velvet. It holds a round mirror with a soft insert that covers your jewelry so you can pull it out from time to time to check your appearance and show off the case’s beauty without flaunting your jewels. It contains a central ring holder with two small compartments on each side. An extra pouch with a zipper lies between the mirror and your jewelry for extra storage and protection 

3. Calpak Jewelry Case (The best travel jewelry pouch)

Cost: $65

  • Color: Navy
  • Faux leather 
  • Lined in faux suede 

Why we love it: This is no typical jewelry pouch. The large pouch is zipped inside a jewelry case that adds features and protection. The pouch is lined with pockets inside to organize your jewelry and prevent necklaces from tangling. It also holds a removable earring board to keep your small earrings from sliding around. The pouch sits in the main compartment, and the lining of the inner lid provides extra storage with a pocket and necklace or bracelet clips. The extra-large pouch is a safe space for extra-large accessories.

4. Hives & Honey Mya Travel Jewelry Case (The best travel ring box)

Hive & Honey Mya Travel Jewelry Case Black
Cost: $19.99

  • Colors: black, black snake, gold, silver, blush 
  • Vegan leather
  • Lined with felt 

Why we love it: If you don’t wear enough expensive jewelry to invest in a designer case or just need storage for small adventures, this is the case for you. It contains a ring holder and several small square compartments, perfect if you wear mainly rings or just a little bling. This case is the best choice when bringing only the bare necessities and has a small pocket for a little something extra. 

5. Scully & Scully Jewelry Roll (The best travel jewelry roll)

Cost: $235

  • Colors: black, red, and blue 
  • Italian leather 
  • Lined with velvet 

Why we love it: We’ve selected a secure and sturdy jewelry roll instead of a soft but flimsy one. On the outside, the case doesn’t look like it rolls, but when you unfasten the gold clasp it unfolds to reveal four triangular zippered pouches. This case is built to last, which is exactly what you need when transporting special jewelry. It’s both functional and elegant with its bold colors, geometric shapes, and shiny clasp. This piece is handmade to order in Italy. 

6. Mark & Graham Dual Travel Organizer (The best travel jewelry organizer)

Cost: $99 

  • Colors: red, blush, camel, navy, white, black 
  • Vegan leather 
  • Lined in soft linen 
  • Personalization option

Why we love it: This dual travel organizer can give you a fresh look on the fly. It’s a jewelry case and a cosmetic bag in one, and it’s stylish to carry in or out of a bag. You can keep everything you need to freshen up well-organized in the same case. The jewelry case remains inconspicuous underneath the cosmetic pouch. It contains two compartments with lids and a ring case and a mirror. It’s a great choice for practical jewelry lovers. 

7. Royce Luxe Travel Jewelry Case (The best travel earring case)

Royce LUXE travel case for jewelry
Cost: $290

  • Colors: carnation-pink, tan, red, black 
  • Leather
  • Lined in suede
  • Personalization option 

Why we love it: This case is compact but unfolds to reveal layers of compartments for all types of jewelry. The base compartment has two layers under a lid with dividers for brooches, rings, or earrings. The compartments are different sizes for large and small pieces. A ring holder is at the center of the case, and at the top of the case are hooks and a pocket for necklaces and bracelets. 

8. Scully & Scully Italian Leather Jewel Box (The best travel jewelry briefcase)

Cost: $4,250

  • Color: black
  • Italian leather 
  • Lined in suede 

Why we love it: This jewelry case is a great investment for those who treat buying and wearing jewelry as serious business. If that’s you, then your jewelry deserves luggage of its own and space to be displayed, and well protected. This handmade Italian leather case has two combination locks to keep your jewels safe. When it opens, it provides a nice platform to display any jewelry you choose from one of its five drawers. 

9. Mejuri Weekly Case (The best leather jewelry case)

Cost: $90

  • Color: black 
  • Leather
  • Lined in suede 

Why we love it:  When we think leather, we think sleek, which is why this leather jewelry case is a winner. It’s slender and snaps shut, so it’s best for simple, minimalist jewelry. If you want a case to keep your jewelry out of sight, this is the one. It folds like a billfold, and when you open it, everything remains out of sight concealed behind a flap or tucked in a pocket. This case features a band for rings and earrings and necklace hooks. 

10. DerBlue Travel Jewelry Case (The best travel jewelry case from Amazon)

Cost: $12.99

  • Colors: black, blue, cherry pink, grey, lilac, navy, pink, sky blue, tiffany blue, white
  • Faux leather
  • Lined in faux suede 

Why we love it: If your trip is right around the corner and you should have packed your jewelry yesterday, then this case with Amazon Prime delivery is the best last-minute travel purchase.
It’s lined with faux suede instead of nylon and has three compartments, necklace hooks, a ring holder, and an earring divider. It’s a great choice for less expensive jewelry or exciting adventures.

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