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  • 10 Unique Engagement Rings for the Non-traditional Bride

    March 31, 2021 9 min read

    Couple engagement proposal

    Unique engagement rings are important for unconventional brides who like to challenge the status quo or be authentic at all times. Diamond rings have earned a reputation as classic and traditional, and you may not ever use those two words to describe yourself. You may be a girl who appreciates diamonds, but you’d never call them your best friend. Or you may love diamonds but hope to find a unique diamond engagement ring that sets you apart. Whatever your personal preferences, as a non-traditional bride, you deserve a non-traditional engagement ring that showcases your individuality. Match your style to the perfect engagement ring from our list of 10 unique engagement rings.

    What are unique engagement rings?

    A unique engagement ring complements a bride’s individual personality and style. It may be a classic diamond ring with a creative twist, but many nontraditional brides choose alternative engagement rings tailored to their tastes or selected for a special meaning. 

    How to find a unique engagement ring

    Unique engagement rings come in many forms, and if you decide to take the non-traditional route, the options may seem overwhelming. Remember, your ring should reflect what makes you or your significant other unique. No one knows that better than you, but here are a few points to consider when making your selection. 

    • Personality: Find what makes you or your bride stand out from the crowd and play it up with your choice of engagement ring. When your engagement ring catches someone’s eye, they should think it’s totally you, no matter how well they know you. 
    • Stone: If you have one or more than one favorite colored gemstone, why not choose them for an engagement ring? Royals have done this for centuries because they know how to distinguish themselves and understand the power of the trend-setter. 
    • Color: If your favorite color is blue, then consider an alternative blue engagement ring like a sapphire or blue topaz. If green, then consider an emerald or peridot, or a garnet or ruby for red, and the list goes on. Sparkly diamonds are great accents to colored gemstones, but so are other light gems like blue topaz or peridot or dark gems like black spinel or blue sapphires. You could choose a ring that includes you and your fiance’s birthstones for an extra-special touch. 
    • Meaning: A gemstone is more than just a pretty face. Gems hold deeper meanings that are important for some brides. Whether you take a stone’s meaning seriously or not, it can still give your ring a fun back story. 

    Best stones for unique engagement rings

    Natural, precious stones or hard semi-precious stones in expressive colors are best for unique engagement rings. Non-diamond engagement rings are a popular choice of non-traditional brides because of color-variety and affordability. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are the most durable and difficult to scuff. Ruby and emerald engagement rings will always be either red or green, but sapphires come in a wide range of vivid colors, including white. White sapphires make excellent diamond alternatives if white suits you. White sapphire engagement rings are not as brilliant as diamond or moissanite (its lab-created alternative), but many people prefer the more earthy, muted appearance of the sapphire.  

    Unique diamond engagement rings

    Hunting for a unique engagement ring doesn’t mean you have to shield your eyes from every diamond ring. Original cuts, settings, or bands can give you a unique diamond ring. Diamonds don’t have to be white either, but it's difficult to tell the difference between a colored diamond or a colored spinel, for instance. Many brides opt for the sparkly spinel because of its luster and lower cost. You can have the best of both worlds by accenting your gemstone engagement ring with diamonds, giving a little nod to tradition while retaining your individuality. 

    Unique non-diamond engagement rings 

    If you’ve determined that the diamond is too traditional for you, you’re in luck because unique engagement rings without diamonds can include nearly any gem you have your heart set on. Just be cautious of a gem’s hardness when shopping for an alternative engagement ring. There’s a reason diamonds are many brides’ first choice--they have a Mohs hardness of 10, which makes them nearly indestructible. Sapphires and rubies have a score of 9, and emeralds, an 8. All of these natural stones make excellent engagement rings for those who forget to take their rings off when working in the yard or on DIY projects. 
    Semi-precious stones like the amethyst or topaz are softer, but that doesn’t mean they’re off-limits. Just consider your lifestyle or remember to take your ring off when doing labor-intensive projects. A semi-precious stone, however, is a less costly replacement if it does break or go missing. If you prefer a super soft gem like a pearl or opal, make sure you’re extremely gentle when wearing it to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. 

    Non-traditional engagement ring meaning

    Natural stones have different meanings based on their colors. Here’s what our top three stones for non-traditional engagement rings mean.
    Sapphire engagement ring meaning: Sapphires signify everything a marriage requires--faithfulness, loyalty, and devotion. This is why, next to a diamond, it’s the most popular choice for an engagement ring. Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana and many other iconic women have donned the sapphire on their left ring finger. 
    Ruby engagement ring meaning: Rubies symbolize two hearts ablaze with love and desire. The ruby reflects passion in a relationship that flows from a deep, intense connection. 
    Emerald engagement ring meaning: Emeralds mean you have a hopeful, harmonious relationship, strengthened by a strong spiritual connection. They bring good luck and lasting peace. 

    What does a black engagement ring mean? 

    Some brides question the recently popular black diamonds or other black stones like a spinel or onyx as a choice of engagement ring. Black may give some people ominous vibes or remind them of grief, but historically the black stone has been used to guard against evil or bring inner strength and power, which are important in a marriage. Pairing black and white gems can create a sense of unity and balance. 

    One final note on color 

    The color of the stone should be your priority, but don’t forget to match it with a band that suits your style and skin tone. You have several options when it comes to which metal element to choose. Silver bands will give your ring a softer look, while gold will give it a bolder appearance. You can also mix metal elements to make both your gold and silver jewelry. If you’re interested, you can browse our jewelry by metal elements

    10 Unique engagement rings 

    An engagement ring is a memento from that special moment when a bride says “yes” that lasts a lifetime. If it looks like everyone else’s, then it holds less significance. A nontraditional bride deserves a ring to match her unique style that only she can rock. We’ve designed one-of-a-kind, unconventional engagement rings that stand out from the slew of traditional, clean-cut diamonds--all you have to know is your own or your soon-to-be bride’s style and personality.  

    1. 14k Gold Citrine Ring with White Diamond Accents

    This unconventional engagement ring is perfect for the free-spirited bride who’s most at home in nature. She’s a free-thinker and wanderer who embraces freedom and self-expression. Her ring should be an ode to her bohemian beauty. 
    14k Gold Citrine Ring w Diamond Accent
    The 14k Gold Citrine Ring with White Diamond Accents resembles the setting sun with its warm yellow glow and east-west marquise setting. You can also purchase this ring with an amethyst stone in gold or silver

    2. 14k Gold Crown Citrine with Diamonds

    Unusual engagement rings suit a bride whose style, personality, and wedding have unique--some would say peculiar--touches that make her charming and fun. She may hum while she works, giggle at her thoughts, walk with a bounce in her step, or make interesting observations. She unknowingly leaves a lasting impression, and her ring should be just as striking. 
    14k gold crown cut citrine ring
    The 14k Gold Crown Citrine with Diamonds is a Madeira citrine in bright, cheerful orange encircled by diamonds. This ring is the ideal choice for quirky brides.

    3. Mixed Metal Pave Emerald Ring

    Artistic engagement rings suit a bride who brings her sensitivity, passion, and genius to life through her art in whatever form it takes. Anything she does becomes a creative endeavor. Her mind is active and her thoughts intricate, and she offers her original perspective to the world through her style and craft. Her ring should be far from traditional and accent her artistry. 
    Mixed Metal Pave Ring
    Creative brides will love our Mixed Metal Pave Emerald Ring, a modern masterpiece from our Metal Elements collection. Its two-toned metals in black rhodium and 18k vermeil over sterling give it an elegant but contemporary flair. You’ll also find this ring with a peridot or ice blue topaz

    4. Silver Spinel and Baroque Pearl Rings

    Ornate engagement rings suit a bride who lights up a room with her vivacious personality and adventurous style. She’s a social creature who’s great at captivating an audience and spreading her enthusiasm. This bride’s ring should be a showstopper like herself.
    Baroque Pearl and Spinel Ring
    The Silver Spinel and Baroque Pearl Ring from our Twilight collection is hard to miss with its white and black spinel shimmery contrast. Its many stones give the ring so much sparkle. This is the perfect choice for the bold bride.

    5. East-West Blue Amethyst Ring

    Cute engagement rings suit a bride whose sweet smile makes anyone feel warm and welcome. She’s soft-spoken but fun-loving, with a kind heart and gentle touch. Her style is romantic and graceful, like the first signs of spring. This bride’s ring should complement her natural sparkle. 
    sterling silver ring with marquise cut amethyst
    Our East-West Blue Topaz Ring has a sugary sweet color that is both calming and fun, perfect for the playful bride. The ring pictured is our East-West Amethyst Marquise Ring

    6. Garnet Ring in Black and Gold

    Modern engagement rings suit a bride who always looks runway-ready. She’s her friends’ most trusted fashion consultant since she knows what styles are in, up-and-coming, and on the way out. She loves modern art and all things avant-garde. Her ring should be cutting-edge and contemporary. 
    black and gold garnet ring
    Chic brides love our Garnet Ring in Black and Gold, with its symmetrical sections of black rhodium and 18k vermeil over sterling. It’s also from our Metal Elements collection, which reflects the balance and harmony in nature. 

    7. Silver Moonstone Ring

    Celestial engagement rings suit a bride who’s a night owl and a star-gazer. She’s in-tune with her emotions and empathetic toward others. She sees meaning and beauty in the small things. Her style is fanciful and unpredictable, maybe even mismatched--whatever matches her mood. 

    The Silver Moonstone Ring is a bright iridescent white like the full moon. It’s designed to recreate the movement of the ocean, resembling the moon’s reflection rolling off silver-capped waves. If you’re a whimsical bride, this ring couldn’t be more perfect for you.

    8. 14k Gold White Diamond Edge Ring

    Simple engagement rings suit a laid-back bride who doesn’t fuss over frills. Savoring special moments is her priority. She lives to create harmony and goes with the flow. She rarely enters the limelight but has a cool, even-keel confidence that makes people instantly comfortable. Her ring should not be overpowering but emphasize her effortless beauty. 
    14k gold edge ring with white diamond
    This 14k Gold White Diamond Edge Ring has a small, simple white diamond but is far from traditional. It’s designed to reflect the imperfect but harmonious beauty of nature.  

    9. 14k Gold Sapphire Ring with White Diamonds

    Heirloom-inspired engagement rings suit a bride who’s an old soul. She wears pieces from grandma’s attic, revitalizes hand-me-downs, and could probably sketch her family tree from memory. She draws inspiration from decades--or even centuries--gone by. Her ring should be one she’d want to pass down for generations. 
    14k gold sapphire with diamond
    Nostalgic brides love our 14k Gold Sapphire Ring with White Diamonds that resembles the 1920s with its central gemstone accented with diamonds. This sapphire and diamond ring has a tinge of yesteryear but is entirely original with its rose-cut stone. This style is also available in 14k Gold with Ruby and White Diamonds.

    10. Blue Topaz Marquise Ring in Silver 

    Semi-precious engagement rings are the perfect, budget-friendly choice for any type of bride. You and your significant other may prefer to invest more in the venue, honeymoon, or future home. But that doesn’t make the engagement ring any less important to you. Unique engagement rings under $1000 are easy to find if you shop for gemstones or diamond alternatives. We offer many gemstone rings at an affordable price that you can match with your individual taste. 
    East West Blue Topaz in Silver
    The Blue Topaz Marquise Ring in Silver flows with a small white sapphire in a smooth silver orbit. This ring also comes in amethyst and black spinel styles. Stunning, yet perfect for the budget-conscious bride.
    Shop our entire collection of unique engagement and commitment rings.


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