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  • 25 of the Best Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts

    March 07, 2023 8 min read

    mom wearing jewelry

    Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift to express just how much our moms mean to us is no easy task. Jewelry is a meaningful way to show mom how much you love and appreciate her in one small package. Designing jewelry with personality and meaning is what Q does best, so we’ve gathered a list of some of our best Mother’s Day necklacesbraceletsearrings, and rings that we’re sure your mom will love. Each of our top picks combines artistry, originality, and personality in its design, so the jewelry you choose for mom will be truly one-of-a-kind, just like she is. 

    How to shop for Mother’s Day jewelry 

    When you’re just starting jewelry shopping for mom, there are a few questions you can ask to help you find a piece that’s personal to her. 

    • What type of jewelry does she wear most often? If your mother never leaves the house without earrings but her wrists are always bare, then earrings might be a better gift than a bracelet. And if your mother has rings galore, don’t dismiss another ring as something she couldn’t possibly need. She’s likely a ring enthusiast, in which case, another ring is exactly the gift she wants. 
    • What’s her jewelry personality? When your mother wears jewelry does she keep it simple and classic, or does she wear out-of-the-box jewelry to showcase her fun personality? You’ll want to find a piece of jewelry with the personality that complements your mom’s. 
    • What would make her feel special? Your mother may appreciate you gifting jewelry that made you think of her because of the thoughtfulness invested in it. She might like jewelry that reminds her of her children or the month of a significant milestone in her life. Or your mother may enjoy the beauty and artistry of a well-crafted piece the most. 
    • What’s her favorite color or color palette? You’ll want to find jewelry that your mom will love wearing. If mom is blue-obsessed, then find jewelry in sapphireblue topaz, or aquamarine. If she loves all colors, choose a multi-colored scheme that matches the color palette she wears most often or one that looks great with her skin tone. 
    • What type of metal(s) does she prefer?  Does Mom tend to wear gold or silver jewelry? Does she like mixed metals? Yellow gold or rose gold? When choosing jewelry for Mom, consider the metals she most often wears.

    Best types of Mother’s Day jewelry 

    Of course, the best type of Mother’s Day jewelry is different for every mother. Our top picks highlight a few of our favorite types of jewelry for moms. 

    • Family or birthstone jewelry is a gift packed full of meaning. You could choose jewelry with your mother’s birthstone or a combination of all of her children’s birthstones. But family jewelry isn’t just limited to birthstones. The number of charms, beads, or other ornaments can signify the number of children in her family. Learn more about different birthstones and their meanings
    • Gold jewelry is a great choice for mom to represent how much you value her and tell her all that you learned from her is worth its weight in gold. 
    • Unique jewelry: If your mother would love jewelry that she’ll find no other mother wearing, then you’ve come to the right place. All of our jewelry is one-of-a-kind, and we’ve picked a few pieces that show off Q’s artistic flair. 
    • Colorful jewelry: When we say “colorful,” we don’t just mean a little splash of color on silver or gold; we mean jewelry in vibrant hues for the mom who’s full of fun. 
    • Beautiful budget buys: Expensive does not always mean special. Your love for your mom is not best reflected in a price tag, but in the thought you invest in finding a little something that will mean the world to her. So we’ve featured some of our favorite Mother’s Day jewelry under $150

    25 of the best Mother’s Day jewelry gift ideas

    Birthstone Gifts for Mother’s Day 

    1. East-West Silver Marquise Ring–Amethyst ($309) 

    Birthstone jewelry isn’t only for birthdays. Birthstones signify a small piece of a person’s story and make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts or gifts for any occasion. Show mom you’re thinking of her with jewelry in her birthstone, like this amethyst ring for a February birthday. The gemstone flows in waves of silver with a tiny white sapphire accent as a reminder to mom that she deserves relaxation and tranquility. This ring also comes in blue topaz and peridot.

    Not sure of Mom's birthstone? Read our Blog on Birthstones by Month!

    2. Tiny Petal Earrings in White Rhodium ($178)  

    Find these tiny, two-stone petal earrings in mom’s birthstone or her children’s birthstones. These earrings are great for a mom of one or two. They come in three different color combinations: peridot (Aug.) and blue topaz (Dec.), blue topaz (Dec.) and amethyst (Feb.), and iolite and garnet (Jan.). The tiny petals are a sweet combo of marquise and trillion-cut gemstones with bold colors. They also come with the same gems in 18k vermeil

    3. 3-Stone Petal Pendant ($484)

    This petal pendant is perfect for a mom of three to picture the growth of each of her children. The blooming bunch is made with iolite, citrine, and garnet. The necklace also comes in a smaller petal pendant with blue topaz, amethyst, and peridot. Petal pendants are also available in sterling silver with white rhodium for anti-tarnish.

    4. 3-Petal Beach Bouquet Necklace ($1,400) 

    This necklace is a great choice for a mom with a September birthday, a mom of three, or a mom who loves sapphires. This sapphire bouquet features light green, yellow, and light rose sapphires strung together with handmade beads. The necklace is a reminder of a beach getaway wherever mom finds herself. You can also choose a similar style necklace with deep plum and blue sapphires

    Shop all birthstone jewelry.

    Unique Mother’s Day Jewelry 

    5. Triple Charm Elements Necklace ($288) 

    This is another great necklace for a mom with three charming children. The eclectic group of golden charms serves as a reminder of each child’s unique personality. Likewise, our Triple Charm Elements Earrings are a perfect reminder of three children or grandchildren ($325).

    6. Treasure Sculptural Bracelet in White Rhodium ($511)

    Each tiny, handcrafted sculpture on this bracelet represents the strength, wisdom, and magic found in mom. It makes a simple yet bold statement in all bright white rhodium. 

    7. Bronze Sapphire Earrings ($448)

    The rich, bronze sapphires in these earrings are exceptional. The flashes of gold in the bronze give the earrings brightness and a bit of magic. The deep neutral color will go with many of mom’s outfits. 

    8. Silver Spinel and Baroque Pearl Necklace ($1,140)


    Your mom will feel stunning in this dazzling black and silver spinel necklace from our Twilight Collection. Faceted spinel and white topaz gemstones circle a large, luminescent baroque pearl for a bold but classic combo. 

    9. 14k Gold Dangle Earrings with Stick Pearl and Gemstones ($3,580) 

    These elegant earrings showcase the beauty of asymmetry. A cluster of bright green peridot, deep green and teal tourmaline, and blue aquamarine crown the long pearls from freshwater mussels. These earrings bring sophistication with a bit of whimsy for a mom who’s fun and classy. 

    10. 18k Peacock Pearl, Tourmaline, and Peridot Earrings ($585) 

    These perfectly mismatched earrings are great for the effortlessly chic mom. The peacock pearl is a rare deep and iridescent indigo. From one pearl hangs a peridot and from the other, a tourmaline. 

    Gold Mother’s Day Jewelry 

    11. 14k “J” Earrings with White Diamonds ($3,390)

    For us, the “J” means joyful, which is how you feel about celebrating mom and how your mom will feel wearing these earrings. The 14k gold hoops are speckled with black diamonds, which makes these elegant earrings a little edgy. 

    12. Gold Edge Cuff ($744)

    This cuff is smooth and fluid but also empowering. Its curvatures represent a harmonious but wild tropical paradise. This cuff will remind mom that she is every bit a superwoman. 

    13. 14k Gold Kiss Earrings with White Diamonds ($1,920)

    The X-shape of these earrings represents a kiss and is a perfect symbol of your love for mom and your  mother’s love for you. These earrings are studded in white diamonds, and also come without diamonds in 18k vermeil and oxidized sterling silver

    14. 3 Tab Gold Necklace ($138) 

    This gold necklace is inspired by the bright city skyline at night and can remind mom how much she shines. The tabs capture the metropolitan energy with  a hand-etched pattern and little white sapphires adding sparkle to the design.

    15. Dream of Moorea 14k Gold and Baroque Pearl Earrings ($3,646)

    These earrings give mom a piece of her own South Pacific island. The hand-picked baroque pearls represent the island of Moorea surrounded by a sea of blue topaz and peridot.  

    Shop all gold jewelry

    Colorful Gemstone Mother’s Day Jewelry 

    16. Spinel, Stick Pearl & Ruby go Earrings ($480)

    These gold post earrings feature beautiful stick pearls combined with ruby slices and faceted black spinel.  

    17. Long Drop Pendant Gemstone Necklace ($276)

    This necklace makes a great gift for a mother who loves color or if you simply can’t narrow your choice of gemstone to just one. The fun cluster of gemstones comes in many color palettes, including iolite with garnet and citrine, blue topaz with London blue topaz and white topaz, iolite with blue topaz and green amethyst, mandarin with garnet and iolite, and pearl with black spinel and white topaz. 

    18. Honey & Green Sapphire Cuff ($1,550)

    This unique and remarkable honey-colored sapphire is smooth and sunny, a perfect representation of the happiness moms bring. It features 18k gold embellishments and a small green sapphire accent.  

    19. Smoky Quartz, Carnelian & Mixed Gemstone Earrings ($750) 

    These asymmetrical earrings feature a carnelian and smoky quartz - also called smoky topaz - above clusters of ruby slice, smoky quartz, peridot, citrine, and amethyst. One of a kind, just like Mom. 

    20. 14k Gold Asymmetrical Opal, Carnelian, & Multi-Stone Earrings ($4,600)


    These earrings might be the most colorful of them all, great for moms with a fun-loving personality and unconventional style. Not only are these earrings designed with vibrant iolite and citrine, they feature opals with a shimmering play-of-color. 

    Beautiful Mother’s Day Jewelry Under $150

    21. Pearl & Gold Jester Cap Earrings ($96)

    These fun, playful jester cap earrings are sure to make mom smile. No two coin pearls are alike–each has unique features, which makes this gift extra special. 

    22. Spinel & Gold Water Cast Earrings ($141)

    These teardrop earrings are wrapped in stacks of glimmering black spinel, pyrite, and gold. They’re the perfect finishing touch to an elegant look and are sure to make mom look like a million bucks. 

    23. White Rhodium & Gemstone Q Necklace ($102)

    Our signature Q necklace is a gorgeous birthstone jewelry buy on a budget. It comes in four gemstone color combinations: iolite and garnet, garnet and orange sapphire, peridot and amethyst, and blue and white topaz. You can also find it in 18k vermeil

    24. Silver Tiny Hammered Earrings ($71) 

    These small earrings feature a hammered silver hoop and a sparkling gemstone droplet in blue topaz, iolite, kyanite, mandarin, or smoky quartz. This is a beautiful option for a mom who loves light and calming colors.  You can also find them in 18k vermeil.

    25. Square Chalcedony Studs ($128)

    These chalcedony studs provide the perfect tiny pop of color to any outfit. If mom is no fuss but still loads of fun, these earrings may be a great choice for her. 

    Shop our jewelry on sale

    It wasn’t easy narrowing down our best Mother’s Day jewelry list to just 25 favorites, so we know picking one perfect gift for mom is a challenge. Good news–we offer hundreds more beautiful Mother’s Day jewelry options. Since you know your mom best, we’ll leave you in charge of choosing a jewelry gift for her. Shopping by gemstone is a great place to start. Choose mom’s favorite from the list below and use our guide on gemstone colors & meanings to assist you. 

    And remember, don’t leave the shopping until the last minute. Taking the time to find just the right gift for mom will mean the world to her!

    Blue Topaz JewelrySpinel JewelryOnyx JewelrySapphire JewelryRuby JewelryAmethyst JewelryPearl JewelryPeridot JewelryOpal Jewelry

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