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Silver Ruby Slice and Gemstone Earrings

Like its 14k gold sister, these silver ruby slice earrings with gemstone clusters are approximately 1.5″ long. Radiant, royal and ready to wear.

  • Asymmetrical one of a kind earrings
  • Handcrafted in white rhodium over sterling silver
  • 15 x 9mm rose cut ruby slice post tops
  • Cluster of garnet, imperial topaz, tourmaline and jade
  • Earring length approximately 1.5″

Rose cut ruby slice post tops strike the perfect balance with clusters of garnet, imperial topaz, tourmaline and jade in these stunning silver post earrings.
What is a Rose Cut Stone?
It’s said that the Rose is the most beautiful among flowers and it is also the symbol of love. Rose Cut style gemstones resemble their namesake and this style was started in the USA. They were first found in the early 1500s and remained famous for many years. Rose cut is a method of faceting gemstones so that the base of the stone is wide, flat and unfaceted, whereas the top of the stone is domed and covered with triangular facets.
Gemstone Meanings
Rubies are like no other gemstone in the world and for thousands of years have been considered the stone of love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life. Ruby is the birthstone for July, making these earrings a perfect gift.