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January 30, 2020 3 min read


Whether you are trying to pare down in the new year and experiment with a capsule wardrobe OR you’re living the dream and traveling with limited space in your luggage, we have some tips to help maximize your options.

Tip #1: Pick a tight color palette.

Cuff BraceletChoose your favorite neutral(s). Navy, grey, black, tan…and, if you’re really brave, ivory/white are all great choices. Try to stick with one or two that pair well together. We like black (no surprise there). It is classic, goes with just about everything, and – most importantly – hides spills pretty well.
Next, pick a pop of color that you love: red, blue, green…one that always makes you feel beautiful. Fill in your outfits with a cardigan/sweater, a scarf/shawl, camisole, etc. in this color. It is fine to use different shades of the same hue as long as they go well together, too.

Tip #2: Keep your style consistent.

Sterling Silver “J” Hoop Earrings Choose basic pieces in your preferred style (tailored, flowy, etc.) – pants, skirts, tops, and maybe a dress or two. Perhaps your closet is currently a mix of classic fitted basics, ruffled hippie skirts, and a few oversized sweaters you like to wear with leggings…
Now is the time to decide what looks good on you and makes you feel most comfortable. You don't need to eliminate everything fun, but when you are trying to be concise with your style, it is a good rule of thumb to keep the line fairly consistent. Bonus tip: if you are traveling, tailored styles are great – less fabric means more room in your bag.

Tip #3: What will you be doing?

If this is vacation (or daily life, for that matter) you are likely to be doing a variety of things. Yoga in the morning, perhaps a trip to a historical site, an afternoon swim before a nice dinner…you get the picture. Make sure you have clothing that is appropriate for all of your activities.
Ruby Diamond 14K RingKeeping your style and color palette consistent means some pieces can pull double duty. Those cute black cigarette pants can be paired with a light sweater and comfy flats for exploring the streets of a French harbor city by day and will look completely elegant with a silk top and heels at dinner.

Tip #4: Make the most of your accessories.

Here is the best part. You can live in some very basic clothing pieces that, on their own, could get a little boring. BUT it is so easy to change your accessories to change your look. Take something basic like a black A-line dress or black tunic top and pants. Now, add a scarf in your favorite color…or take it away. Are you wearing sandals? Switch into a pointed toe flat.
Silver Blue Sapphire EarringsFor the biggest impact (and the least amount of space) use your jewelry to your advantage. By day, opt for silver earrings, a cuff bracelet, and/or a simple ring. For evening, layer a couple of long necklaces, add some sparkling earrings, and a beautiful cocktail ring and you’re good to go! Jewelry can also be your best “pop of color” to maximize an otherwise neutral wardrobe.
For more styling tips, visit our previous post: Coordinating Jewelry and Clothes 101.
Drop us a line on Facebook and let us know what your favorite travel palette is -- and your favorite accent jewelry.

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