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January 01, 2020 2 min read


Congratulations! You have adopted a beautiful new piece of jewelry! Now you need to know how to provide the best home possible for this sparkling addition to your collection.

General Care

Fine Jewelry CareMany people choose to sleep in their jewelry. They also wear it in the shower, the pool, while lifting weights, etc. There are better ways to enjoy your jewels. Sleeping in your jewelry can cause chains to kink and prongs to snag on sheets and sleepwear weakening their ability to hold their shape. Exposure to chemicals in water and bath products can leave a film on gemstones and metal, occasionally causing damage. Wearing jewelry at the gym can leave scratches on settings and gems and can also become a safety hazard if a ring or a chain gets caught on equipment. It is best to treat your jewelry kindly and remove it before bed or any activity more strenuous than ordering room service (and we highly recommend room service, by the way).


Caring for PearlsAs one of the few organic stones, pearls can be especially delicate. Exposure to perfumes, hairsprays, and other cosmetics can permanently damage a pearl’s luster. The rule with pearls is that they should be the last piece you put on before you leave the house and the first thing you remove when you return home. Pearls should also be stored away from your other jewelry to avoid abrasions from contact with metal settings and harder gemstones. Ideally, once you have worn your pearls, they should be cleaned with a soft cloth and stored in a velvet lined box or jewelry bag.


Opals are PreciousOpals are another delicate stone. Basically a form of natural glass, when exposed to extreme conditions, opals can shatter. And while we all love glitter, that’s not the best way to make it. Treating your opals as if they are pearls will help preserve their beauty for years to come. Be sure to avoid dropping them or knocking them against hard surfaces and avoid exposing them to extreme heat or cold. Opals can be susceptible to becoming dull with wear, especially in rings or bracelets. When an opal loses its shine, the best bet is to visit your local jeweler to see if the stone can be re-polished.

One Last Note

In reality, treating all of your jewelry like fragile pearls and opals will keep it looking as beautiful as the day you fell in love with it. Try to keep your jewelry box a little neater. (By the way, if you need a new jewelry box, let us be the first to introduce you to Ray Jones Woodcrafts. He crafts fine wooden boxes that are fit for, well, fine jewelry!)
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