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June 07, 2018 2 min read


Purpose in the journey. I keep reminding myself that every journey has a purpose, and not every journey is a trip. Some journeys are emotional, some spiritual, some physical.  Some are discoveries, like the awakening of a long-lost dream.
Less than 24 hours after returning home from Crystal Symphony, I was in surgery for a double hip replacement. (Yes, it was planned and yes, I am doing well.) In the hazy 48 hours that have followed, some thoughts have become surprisingly clear.

Journeys Aren't Always About Travel

Journeys can be the second chance you didn’t know you needed. With new hips (why do I keep hearing the Bionic Woman sound effect in my head…), I feel free to begin the next stage of life. I am proud of the obstacles I’ve battled and beaten, but it’s time to be battle free.

Unexpected Discoveries on this "Trip"

You never know what life is going to bring. I often say “life is tricky,” and indeed it is. But there is always purpose in the journey. You just have to look for it.
I realized I have been living with some physical discomfort for my entire life.  Whoever heard of hip joints too large for the socket? (Apparently that's a least in me.)  It was a relief to discover that my discomfort was legitimate pain.
I’m tired .... so tired from being in chronic pain. I have more sympathy and empathy for others who live with chronic pain and I know how exhausting the battle is to simply make it through each day.
I was shocked to discover I now only feel pain and tenderness of the muscles and incision healing. It is NOTHING compared to to the extreme pain I’ve been living with for several years.

Purpose in the Journey

I am reminding myself that this healing time is just for me. No one else gets to be a part of this rest and rejuvenation.  THIS IS A TIME OF BEING GOOD TO AND TAKING CARE OF MYSELF.
I want to remind all of us that situations like this require a resting period to rejuvenate both mind and soul. And that it is OK to rest. It is more than OK to rest. It is necessary for the success of this journey.
For those of us who are workaholics, we must remember this IS productive time. Not laziness. I am setting up the foundation that will carry me though the rest of my life and impact the future of my business.
Good things can come in unexpected and unpleasant packages. This is just one of them, but it's a part of my journey.  I'll learn more by embracing the experience.
Drop me a line on Facebook and share something important you've learned on a recent journey. And then take a moment to celebrate the journey you've finished and the one yet to come!

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