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June 02, 2018 3 min read


Tips To Travel Well.  As I prepare to disembark Crystal Symphony, I find myself reflecting on my travel style.
For most of my life, I’ve prided myself on being able to leave the country for a 3-week trip with only a carry-on.  As the Q Crew goes through the transition of placing my jewelry collections on luxury cruise lines, this avenue of simplicity has been snatched away, leaving me with a new appreciation and understanding of the anxiety others experience when trying to pull it all together (pictured above is Kyle's and my mound of luggage at the port of Piraeus when our fall cruise ended in Athens).

Tips to Travel Well

I’ve put together a list of things that will help reduce stress and propel you towards your goal – having fun and fully enjoying the experience of new places. I promise you will catch on and this preparation will become second nature, a creative and fun part of future travel. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and you will find an entire world of adventure awaits you.

Travel 101...

  1. Before packing, or even before booking your flights, check the luggage restrictions of your airline.  They can vary greatly.  Did you know some airlines (Turkish Airlines) have both size and WEIGHT restrictions for carry-on bags?
  2. Do your research.  Do you need a visa or any other special requirements?  Do this far in advance.
  3. MAKE SURE YOU ALERT YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANIES WHERE AND WHEN YOU WILL BE TRAVELING.  (If not, that cute leather bag you are trying to buy may have to stay in Italy!)
  4. How much weight are you able to lug and carry yourself?  Many of us are now booking apartments and villas when traveling abroad.  Are you prepared to drag your luggage up three flights for old world charm?  “Old world charm” rarely includes a bellman and often doesn’t have a lift. I learned this the hard way – and I now travel to the ships with three bags weighing in excess of 150lbs. Carefully check the details before booking – the term elevator is only used in the United States. (No lift = no elevator!!)
  5. If you are booking your flight through a third party (Expedia, Travelocity) be aware they do not always assign seats.  As soon as you have booked, call your airline and reserve your seat.  Otherwise, you may end up in the dreaded center seat all the way to Rome or Rio.
  6. Before leaving home make sure you have procured local currency.  It is embarrassing not to have small amounts for tipping drivers and hotel employees.
  7. Are you scheduling an airport pick up before you leave home?  Check to see if Uber is available in the city you are visiting.  Blacklane is a great car service I use all over the world.  You will pay a premium for it but they will always be early and you are in a luxury sedan.  And make sure you have downloaded Whatsapp onto your cell phone so your drivers can contact you.  Often my drivers do not speak English but know my destination as I have booked in advance.  If you are going to hop in a cab, print several copies of your destination/address and just hand them to your taxi drivers. Works every time.
  8. Note the above advice to download Whatsapp on your cell phone.  It is the standard way to be contacted in countries other than the USA.
  9. Download copies of your passport and any travel insurance to Google Drive.  This will assure you have access should it be lost.
  10. I wanted to list 10 tips.  It seems like a good round number.  Here is number 10:

Drop me a line on Facebook and share your best travel tip for a stress free vacation.

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