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January 28, 2018 2 min read


What does “one of a kind” mean? Something special? Something that can never be replaced?
I once had a therapist tell me (who me..therapy?) to never forget that I wasn’t special – I was simply unique – and we all are. The more I travel, the more I see the beauty in our uniqueness. It isn’t perfection, but our unique individualism, that gives us all beauty. (Well that and a great smile backed by a good heart).
This photo of my crew on Oceania Marina makes me smile. Every time I am on a ship, it amazes me to discover that the crew easily represents 50 nations...or more! It has taught me so much about appreciating other cultures and the unique rites and rituals that are celebrated all over the world.

One of a Design and Life

When I sell a one of a kind piece I have created, there’s a special feeling of connection to the person who has purchased the jewelry.  We become linked, though separate. While being told you are “simply unique” may seem like a cop out, it really isn’t. The more we remember that our own individual gifts and talents are just that -- gifts -- the more we can celebrate others who are different, too.

One of a Kind...It Makes Us Who We Are

The journey is really one step a day. Meeting new people and celebrating what makes each of them beautiful. That’s a one of a kind experience.
Each of us has a quality or gift that shines for others to see. Take a look at my one of a kind collection -- I'd love to hear which piece resonates with you and why! Until then...keep on being you, wonderfully unique you.

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