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  • 10 Staple Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own

    April 21, 2022 7 min read

    woman wearing some jewelry staples

    All staple jewelry pieces have at least one trait in common–they’re timeless. They’re worth investing in because their enduring qualities never go out of style. Each classic jewelry piece can have its own personality, but its composition has withstood the test of time and proven tried and true. Experimenting with trendy jewelry can be so fun, but the classic pieces are the ones you turn to time and time again. Whether your day calls for no fuss or all frills, timeless jewelry pieces fit every occasion. We’ve picked 10 jewelry essentials for any wardrobe that will never leave you lacking the right necklacebraceletrings, or earrings for the occasion. 

    What is a jewelry staple? 

    Staple jewelry is versatile and classic. It never goes out of style and can be enjoyed regularly with a variety of looks. The quality of staple jewelry is lasting, just like its style. Trendy fashion jewelry will not withstand years of wear like fine jewelry will. Jewelry staples are made from materials that don’t wear out and can be passed down with the confidence that future generations can and will want to wear your jewelry as much as you do. Classic jewelry doesn’t mean boring or plain–it can have lots of personality. It’s important that you find what qualities you like best because only jewelry you enjoy wearing is worth buying. 

    10 timeless pieces of jewelry that are a staple for any wardrobe 

    1. Hoop earrings

    Hoop earrings are an ancient favorite that have been enjoyed in many civilizations and embraced by diverse cultures. They’re the perfect way to make a statement while keeping things simple. Hoop earrings are also great at drawing attention to your face without becoming a distraction. 

    Swirl Hoops in Sterling Silver ($93-$320)

    Silver swirl hoop earrings

    These earrings are proof that hoops can be fun and unique. Their playful design is one you can wear to any occasion. These hoops come in silver (pictured) and in gold, in small (¾”), medium (1”), and large (1.5”) sizes. 

    White Rhodium Edge Post Earrings ($270 or $330 in gold)

    White rhodium post earrings

    The light and airy Edge Post Earrings give a textured twist on the traditional hoop earrings. The small hoops are commonly called “huggie hoops” because they hug the earlobe. Huggie hoops are great if you want your earrings to be a little inconspicuous but need a little more shine than stud earrings.  

    2. Cocktail ring

    Cocktail rings are big and bold, with a large center stone or ornament. Originally these rings were reserved for cocktail hour, but it’s now common to wear them at any time of day and not only with a cocktail dress. You can take any look up a notch with a show-stopper of a cocktail ring.

    East-West Marquise Blue Topaz Ring ($528)

    East west marquise blue topaz ring

    This refreshing bright blue topaz is large but not too loud. The dazzling, clear stone is cut in a unique horizontal marquise shape we call our “east-west” cut. 

    14K Ruby with White Diamonds Ring ($3,818)

    Ruby and diamond gold ring

    This bold and majestic ruby is surrounded by diamonds that add to its elegance. It’s a for-sure show-stopper that will make you feel absolutely regal. 

    3. Long, opera necklace

    A long opera or rope necklace is the perfect jewelry staple since it can be worn in a variety of ways–layered, looped, or doubled up with another necklace. These necklaces range from 30–36” in length. Opera necklaces were once formal jewelry worn with evening wear, but now pairing long necklaces with jeans is not unusual and looks great!

    Spinel, Ruby, & Gold Necklace ($466-$780)

    Spinel ruby gold necklace

    This elegant necklace is designed with small, glistening stones in classic colors interspersed with bursts of gold beading. It’s a gorgeous choice for an evening out. This spinel, ruby, and gold combination strand comes in three different strand lengths for layering. 

    Angel Wing Baroque Pearls with Black Spinel Necklace ($1,100)

    Baroque pearl necklace

    Each angel wing pearl has a shape all its own and an overhanging edge that looks like a tiny wing. The deep black spinel strung between each pearl makes the pearls gleam. Black spinel is a protective stone that repels negativity. The black and white combination is vibrant, and the stones symbolize wisdom, inspiration, and positivity. 

    4. Simple stud earrings 

    Stud earrings add the perfect sparkle to any face shape. Studs are so much more than a placeholder for pierced ears; they’re often just the right touch of glam for an outfit. You really can’t go wrong wearing quality studs because they’re so easy to style and can be worn on any occasion. 

    Moonstone Square Studs ($128)

    moonstone stud earrings

    These moonstone studs are simple but far from dull. The studs take a magical, iridescent spin on neutral and go with any color or pattern outfit combo. The square shape with slightly rounded edges makes these moonstones all the more intriguing. You can also purchase the same style of studs in green chalcedony

    Silver Baroque Pearl Post Earrings ($440)

    baroque pearl earrings

    These handmade, large pearl studs exhibit imperfection at its finest. They break the traditional mold of smooth pearls while maintaining the timeless qualities of a staple piece. 

    5. Go-to gold or silver necklace

    Gold and silver are beautiful and strong metals, which makes them perfect materials for jewelry. They can accentuate your wardrobe on their own without any extra embellishments. Simple gold and silver necklaces can be worn day after day until they become an essential part of your look. Those with cool skin tones may want to make silver jewelry their go-to, while warm skin tones may prefer gold jewelry

    Learn the difference between regular silver and sterling silver

    Circle of Life Necklace ($237)

    circle of life necklace

    The Circle of Life Necklace is the perfect go-to-gold piece with a bit of pizazz. It balances texture and beading without being too busy. It will blend well with any ensemble while making its own subtle statement. 

    Black, Gold, & Silver Handmade Bead Necklace ($980)

    black, gold, silver, handmade necklace

    Black, gold, and silver handmade beads in interesting textures are combined to create this striking necklace. Its beauty is strong and feminine, and its energy is empowering. 

    6. Pearl jewelry 

    Pearls are some of the most elegant and feminine gemstones. Lucky for us pearl lovers, pearls retain their luster for longer the more they’re worn. Every pearl is unique, and they don’t need to be smooth to be stylish. Pearls come in many shapes and colors, so pearl jewelry is fun and not at all worth leaving in grandma’s attic. 

    Learn how to care for your pearl jewelry so it lasts you a lifetime. 

    Baroque Pearl Earrings ($385)

    pearl earrings

    Baroque pearls show-off the raw beauty of the pearl. Pearls are romantic and delicate, and each have their own imperfect but wonderful personalities. The baroque pearl earrings featured are great at face-framing since they start narrow at the earlobe and get wider as they reach the jawline. 

    Sterling Silver Pearl Drop Earrings ($410)

    sterling silver pearl drop earrings

    These plush pearl earrings are fancy and fun. They make a stunning statement with simplicity. Pearls are light and delicate, so combining them in large clusters looks elegant and classic rather than gaudy. 

    7. Colorful jewelry 

    Every wardrobe needs an easy pop of color for neutral outfits. Colorful jewelry in any form does the trick. It’s fun to let your jewelry inform what you wear and be the highlight of your outfit once and a while. Timeless jewelry doesn’t have to be plain and simple. 

    Silver Asymmetrical Carnelian, Smoky & Mixed Stone ($750)

    silver asymmetrical earrings

    Each pair of earrings we create in this design is one-of-a-kind with handpicked gemstones. The asymmetrical earrings display warm and cool combinations of vibrant colors with red carnelian, smoky quartz, pale green peridot, sunny citrine, and rich amethyst. These earrings can give you a stunning spritz of color.

    14K Peridot & Diamond Crown Ring ($3,320)

    peridot and diamond crown earring

    This ring could be the crown jewel of any jewelry collection. The bright green peridot gives an alluring and energetic pop of color that shows off your confidence and style. 

    8. Gemstone or birthstone jewelry

    Gemstone and birthstone jewelry come in many dazzling colors and hold a lot of meaning. Sapphires, for example, symbolize loyalty and wisdom and come in over 11 different colors. Not only are gemstones timeless, they can tell a part of your story depending on which gemstone meaning resonates with you. 

    Tiny Petal Gemstone Earrings ($178)

    vermeil 18k petal earrings

    These Petal Gemstone Earrings are small but sweet blooms of semi-precious stones. You can choose your favorite petal duo–peridot with blue topaz, blue topaz with amethyst, or iolite with garnet. These earrings make a great birthday or bridesmaid gift. The gemstones can be set in 18k vermeil (featured) or silver and white rhodium

    Iolite East-West Marquise Gold Earrings ($585)

    Iolite gold earrings

    These East-West earrings resemble the sun setting on the horizon and glistening in the heat. The bright, warm hues come from the light lilac iolite, the bright yellow citrine, and the deep red garnet. 

    Shop all of our birthstone jewelry

    9. Collar necklace

    A collar necklace sits right where the collar of your shirt would. These necklaces are the perfect delicate accent to any outfit. They can be thin and dainty or studded with gemstones, similar to the Riviere necklace.  

    Learn more about necklace lengths or how to style your necklace for different necklines

    Spinel & Gold Water Cast Necklace ($488)

    spinel and gold necklace

    The Spinel & Gold Water Cast Necklaces adds a delicate accent with an artistic flair. The tiny water cast gold pendants give it extra sparkle and charm. 

    Emerald and Handmade Bead Necklace ($1,100)

    handmade emerald bead necklace

    This unique, hand-beaded necklace is made of gleaming green emeralds interspersed with splashes of gleaming, handmade gold beading. The necklace resembles grass on a dewy morning. It’s also adjustable for the perfect pairing with many different necklines. 

    10. Pendant necklace 

    Pendants are an ornament or accent piece on your jewelry. Pendant necklaces are classic statement pieces. The pendant becomes a focal point that draws the eye in, so lengths are important. Wearing pendant jewelry well shows you have a knack for styling jewelry.

    Red Sapphire Petal Pendant ($360)

    red sapphire pendant

    This whimsical flower pendant adds a simple and dainty accent to your look. This sweet sprout of deep red goes with many colors in your wardrobe to add a pretty and feminine flair. 

    Keshi Pearl with Tanzanite & Green Sapphire Pendant ($450)

    pearl, tanzanite, and green sapphire pendant

    This necklace features the silky Keshi Pearl, a unique type of pearl without a nucleus. It is entirely made from nacre (the shiny outer layer of a pearl), so it’s extremely lustrous and unique. The pendant is accented by pastel tanzanite and green sapphires and features either an iolite or amethyst hanging from the pearl. The pretty pastel stones give the necklace a tranquil appearance. 

    Timeless jewelry looks great and lasts forever if you care for it well. Follow the below guides for cleaning and storing jewelry properly to ensure that your jewelry is well cared for. 

    If you’re looking for classic jewelry for friends or family, these jewelry gift guides offer many great options: 

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