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  • 15 Jewelry Storage Ideas You’ll Love

    October 15, 2021 8 min read

    jewelry storage ideas

    Anyone who appreciates jewelry knows that proper jewelry storage is essential, but a busy day often ends with rings on the nightstand, necklaces on the bathroom sink, or loose earrings in a purse. The next morning is spent untangling necklaces or rummaging through pockets and drawers to find a matching earring. Simple jewelry organization not only keeps jewelry from getting lost or damaged, it also makes wearing it more convenient and fun. If you’re unsure of how to store your jewelry in an uncluttered and beautiful display, we’ve listed some of our favorite jewelry storage solutions so that adding those last-minute touches to your look doesn’t have to end in a frenzy. 

    How to store jewelry 

    When it comes to storing jewelry, it’s best to be strategic. Your jewelry should be kept in a safe, convenient, and simple display. Here are a few questions to help you create the perfect storage space. 

    How much jewelry do you want to keep? 

    First, lay out all of your jewelry and take inventory, and then get rid of anything you never or rarely wear that holds no sentimental value. If you prefer minimal accessories, the storage space and items you need will not be the same as someone with a large jewelry collection. Maybe you have jewelry galore and want to trim down your accessories, or perhaps you decide to expand your assortment beyond a few staple pieces. Whether you decide to pare or enhance your jewelry, picture what you’d like your collection to include and shop for storage with that in mind. 

    Looking to add to your jewelry collection? Choose from our artful selection of necklacesbraceletsrings, and earrings

    What is the best way to sort your jewelry? 

    This is totally up to what works best for you, but we have some suggestions--you can choose one or multiple ways to categorize your jewelry. 

    • Color: Sorting jewelry by color makes it easy to match it with an outfit and makes a fun display.
    • Use: It’s convenient to keep the jewelry you wear most frequently in an accessible location. Keep your jewelry essentials front and center and make sure they're somewhere easy to grab and go. 
    • Value: Keep your most valuable jewels--the ones you wear only on special occasions--out of sight and stored somewhere safe.
    • Pairs: Group the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings you like to pair together side-by side but in different compartments. 
    • Occasion: Group your office jewelry, party jewelry, formal jewelry, casual jewelry, and any other occasion jewelry. 

    How often do you wear your jewelry? 

    After you’ve determined what jewelry you’re keeping and how you’re going to sort it, consider how often you wear each piece. You may want to store the  jewelry that you only wear a few times a year or less (valuable or not), in a jewelry box rather than on a hanging display or in a trinket dish. You may not want to store jewelry you enjoy wearing frequently out of reach.

    Which jewelry pieces should you display? 

    You may or may not want to display any of your jewelry visibly, but if you do, choose items that suit your decor style. These may be the pieces you wear most often, or you may choose them simply for visual appeal. If you own a lot of jewelry, pick a few favorites to highlight in your display and store the others in drawers or containers. 

    Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to pick your favorite jewelry storage to purchase or create. 

    Jewelry storage ideas

    There are nearly as many jewelry storage ideas as there are styles of jewelry. You can choose to go the traditional route with a popular type of storage that has withstood the test of time, you may get creative with an out-of-the-ordinary option, or you may design your own jewelry organizer for a unique display. From tried and true to creative to DIY jewelry storage ideas, here are some of our favorites.

    1. Jewelry box

    The jewelry box is one of the most popular jewelry organizers for a reason: you can fit so much jewelry of different types neatly into a charming package. The best jewelry boxes are both beautiful and practical with an interior full of compartments that keep your jewelry organized and protected. This walnut jewelry box with classic beauty and a secure lid lock and this mirrored, monogrammed jewelry box with numerous compartments are two timeless options. 

    2. Jewelry armoire

    If you’re a jewelry connoisseur and committed to creating the perfect space for each piece you own, investing in furniture like this jewelry armoire in Paulownia wood is the way to go. It has drawers, doors, and hooks and multiple compartments, as well as an extra-large mirror for the perfect last look on your way out the door. 

    3. Jewelry storage drawers 

    If you’re a next-level organizer with lots of bling, devoting drawers to jewelry storage, organized with your own jewelry storage combo of tray insertsdividers, and ring boxes will help maintain an orderly jewelry collection and your peace of mind.  

    4. Jewelry storage mirror

    If you prefer to store your jewelry out of sight but right within arm’s reach, a two-in-one full-length jewelry storage mirror allows you to reach behind your reflection and switch up your look for split-second style changes. 

    5. Jewelry storage dresser

    A jewelry storage dresser is similar to a jewelry armoire but without hooks for hanging. This sustainable and sleek jewelry dresser is perfect for small spaces and stacking jewelry trays. It includes a pop-up mirror just in case you need a quick confirmation of how great your accessories look. 

    6. Jewelry T-bar stand 

    Jewelry T-bars are a simple but effective jewelry organizer. A single T-bar jewelry stand makes the best type of jewelry storage for bracelets. Jewelry stands with multiple bars in varying heights are great for displaying necklaces and dangle earrings alongside your bracelets. This simple stand suits any decor style to a T. 

    7. Cutlery tray jewelry organizer

    Cutlery trays come with compartments of all sizes, which makes them great organizers for statement necklaces and dainty bracelets alike. If you have a spare cutlery tray in your kitchen, move it to the closet and, voila! It becomes a jewelry tray. For an extra layer of protection, you can add a felt lining to each compartment. 

    8. Vintage jewelry dishes 

    For an eclectic, vintage flair, browse your local thrift store for teacups and saucers to use for ring bowls and trinket dishes. You can stow them in drawers or set them out on a shelf or dresser for a unique jewelry display. 

    9. Unconventional jewelry holders

    If you want your jewelry to make a statement even when you’re not wearing it, you can use random, unusual objects to create a whimsical display. An antique bust makes a great necklace holder, and most rings fit a hand sculpture

    10. Cigar box 

    Line an old cigar box with felt for a rustic, antique jewelry holder. Cigar boxes are a great size for collar necklaces. Sure, a jewelry box could be just as functional, but cigar boxes have a cool, old-timey charm if that vibe is what you’re after. 

    11. Thread organizer 

    Thread organizers make great all-purpose jewelry storage. You can hang rings, bracelets, necklaces and dangle earrings from the spokes. A rotating thread organizer allows you to organize different types of jewelry on different sides and spin the display around for easy access. 

    12. Porcelain or ceramic egg tray

    If rings are your thing and you like to mix-and-match multiple pieces at a time, you need many small containers that are easy to see and sort through. Ceramic egg cartons are the perfect ring organizers. You can find them in many colors with pretty designs to match your style. 

    13. Jewelry frame

    If you want to turn your jewelry into art and hang it from your wall, it’s simple. For this DIY jewelry organizer you will need a frame and something to hang your necklaces or dangle earrings from--either a sheet metal design, a cork piece, or galvanized chicken wire. Remove the glass from the frame and replace it with the material of your choosing. If you choose cork, you’ll also want to screw in hooks or knobs to hang jewelry from. Otherwise, you can hang necklaces and earrings right onto the metal or wire and hang the frame onto your wall. You can create a jewelry gallery wall with multiple frames of different sizes and add a mirror for the perfect accent to your jewelry wall.

    14. Jewelry canvas 

    You can also turn your art into jewelry storage. Simply poke and screw small hooks lining the bottom of the canvas and then hang your jewelry from the hooks. This is a great idea to try on thrifted art finds or cheap canvas, not heirlooms or collectibles. 

    15. Spice jar jewelry organizers 

    Old but clean spice jars are a secure space for small jewelry, like stud earrings and rings. These DIY jewelry storage containers are easy to line in drawers with labeled lids and also look great on a display shelf. 

    Best way to store jewelry 

    Besides picking jewelry organizers you love, there are a few additional tips to keep in mind with jewelry storage. Jewelry is stored best in a dry climate, away from water, so not in a cabinet or on a counter in the bathroom. You’ll also want to keep your jewelry sequestered in their own sections or on individual hooks. Don’t clump jewelry together to avoid tangled necklaces and scratched metals or stones. It’s good to get in the habit of making sure your jewelry is clean before storing it. Wipe it down with a soft cloth after each wear and give it good cleaning from time-to-time. Read our six jewelry cleaning tips

    How to organize jewelry in a drawer

    • Do compartmentalize. Use trays and dividers or bowls or boxes to give each piece or different type of jewelry its own space to keep them from damage and to make it easier for you to find what you need right when you need it. 
    • Do make your favorite jewelry accessible. Designate a home for each assortment you create and label them to help you remember what goes where. 
    • Do pay attention to jewelry size. Deep compartments are for statement necklaces, narrow slots are for long necklaces, and shallow containers are for bracelets and rings. 
    • Don’t store studs and dangle earrings the same way. Dangle earrings are best hung up so they don’t get caught on or intertwined with other jewelry or their mate. Studs can be stored in a container as long as the pair doesn’t get separated. 
    • Don’t leave jewelry lying around. It’s tempting to leave jewelry right wherever you remove it, but that’s the best way to lose it. Either wait to take off jewelry until you can store it immediately where it goes, or have a few trinket dishes around the house where you tend to remove jewelry and remember to return them to their proper place later. 

    How to create a jewelry storage display 

    If you want to create a stunning jewelry display that could rival the window displays of Cartier, here are a few tips:

    • Display your showstoppers. Keep your favorites front-and-center. The sparkly items that steal your breath away, the simple pieces that collectively tell a story, or the one-of-a-kind works of art are the best types of jewelry for a display. If you’re torn between including valuables in your jewelry display and keeping them protected, arrange them in a shadow box so they can be seen and easily stored out of sight when you’re not around.  
    • Use interesting and creative jewelry holders. Use sculptures, branches, geodes, vintage bottles, and other knick-knacks to help your jewelry tell a story. 
    • Play with space and vary the height. Stack containers up or spread them out, and place jewelry at different levels using t-bars, stacks of books, countertop jewelry stands, or jewelry display busts to create different dimensions. 
    • Don’t let the display outshine your jewels. Your display can be fun and beautiful, but it should only serve to enhance the jewelry, not distract from it. Picture that Cartier window or a museum exhibition--the presentation is not its own work of art but simply a backdrop.

    Jewelry storage for travel 

    Taking your jewelry on an adventure requires a whole new jewelry storage mindset and types of storage containers. You can’t lug your jewelry armoire around the world. But no worries, we have advice on how to pack jewelry for travel and have curated a list of 10 best travel jewelry cases so you’re ready to accessorize for your next vacation.

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