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January 29, 2019 2 min read


More Tips To Travel Well.  6 months ago as I prepared to disembark Crystal Symphony, I shared tips based on my years of travel.
In the last 6+ months I have logged thousands of miles and cruised to multiple destinations sharing Q Evon Fine Jewelry.  Our hard work paid off and the Q Crew recently sent the first shipment of jewelry to Crystal Serenity -- where it will have a permanent place during the world cruise (although I will be on another ship!).
Along the way, I've picked up a few more tips that I wanted to share.

Travel Treasures

  1. I should have followed my own travel tips!  So again: Be sure to check and see if you need a tourist visa for the country to which you are traveling. As I prepared to leave for New Zealand, I discovered I would need an Australian Tourist Visa when we arrived in Australia. A few frantic minutes could have been avoided if I had checked my visa needs a little earlier!
  2. Less is More. Pack less! Leave room for new purchases. You don't need an over abundance of clothing; keep it simple and it will be so much more fun!
  3. Consider packing an empty lightweight duffle bag in your suitcase. Much easier to have a piece of luggage at the ready if you overindulge in purchasing travel treats than to be running around trying to find a new suitcase!
  4. If you are offered travel protection, purchase it!
  5. Do your research on which credit cards are accepted where you are traveling. The site MoneyUnder30 had some great information on the best credit cards for international travel. It helps to know in advance which cards are free of foreign transaction fees and which cards are more widely accepted.
  6. Yoga therapy balls are the best thing I’ve found to roll around under the arch of your foot - full weight. Aaaaahhhhh. After being on your feet all day touring on some fun adventure it's a terrific way to relax those muscles. (Works on your butt muscles too.) A tennis ball works, also!
  7. Leave a little free time in your schedule. While guided tours and planned experiences are a wonderful way to see new sites, so is an afternoon of wandering on your own and getting a taste of the local culture!
  8. Global Entry! Review the Trusted Traveler Programs and find the right one for you! So worth it! (One caveat -- Global Entry requires a face-to-face interview once you have been initially approved, so start the process well in advance of any planned travel.)
  9. Check your passport expiration date and renew in plenty of time (some countries require that a passport be at least 6 months from expiring at the time of your travel).
  10. And we're back to number 10 which stays the same:

Drop me a line on Facebook and share your best travel tip for a stress free vacation.

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