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March 04, 2021 3 min read


If you recently purchased new earrings, you still have an important decision to make; what type of earring backs are the best to hold the earrings securely in place? The choice will depend upon the type and size of earring, your lifestyle, and to some extent your earlobes themselves. The wrong clasps and hooks on a pair of earrings can ruin the design or make them uncomfortable.

What are the best earring backs for a secure fit?

Leverbacks and Omega Backs (also called French Clips or Self Closing Backs), Latch Backs, along with Stabilizer Disks (or “comfort discs”) for oversized post earrings, are the best choices to keep earrings in place. For earrings on a shepherd hook style earwire, consider clear rubber posts, rubber bullet backs or soft rubber earnuts.
leverback earring closure

Leverback Earring Closures

If you are looking for earrings that will be comfortable, stylish and secure, consider leverbacks. Leverback earrings feature a backing that closes completely, snapping shut by touching the earring post. Curved ear wires secure the earring in place. Leverbacks are sturdy and stylish, and are usually attached to dangling earrings. Q uses leverbacks on many of her earrings, take a look here!
As early as 300 BC ancient Greeks were using emeralds, amethysts and pearls to make earrings. Greek earrings were similar to leverbacks. They had a curved wire that attached to the earring. They are often referred to as key earrings or snap-back earrings.

omega back earring closureOmega Earring Backs

Omega backs (or omega clips) take their name from their uncanny resemblance to the Greek letter omega – Ω, and are an evolution of the popular earclips of the 1940s and 50s.The ends of the loop shaped finding attach to an earring via a hinge. When the hinge is closed the rounded end of the omega back holds to the ear via pressure. Omega backs have an open center that allows the post of a pierced earring to pass through. This makes the Omega back a secure way to wear pierced earrings without having to fuss with an ear nut (or clutch). Take a look at some of Q's gorgeous omega back earrings!
latch back ruby earring

Latchback Earrings to the Rescue

Latch Backs have a hinged, or moveable, post or hook which latches into a fine groove on the back of the earring. Latch backs are often seen on hoop earrings, like our beautiful Spinel, Ruby and Gold Hoops pictured at the right, and dangling earrings as well as being a great option for diamond earrings, gold earrings and gemstone earrings. It is also popular with women because this fastening is almost invisible (hidden behind the earlobe) and it does not affect the shape or design of earrings. Some jewelers call this a "French fastening."

Comfort Disc post backsPost Backs - Comfort Discs, Earnuts and Push Backs

What is the best way to secure a post earring? Metal and rubber post backs, discs and butterfly backs are all options for post earring closures. One of the more popular types of earring backs, post backs are very common for stud earrings and stud diamond earrings. Larger or heavier earrings can benefit from a comfort disc, which works as a comfortable stabilizer. "Push backs” are undoubtedly the most common style of earring back. They work on earrings with posts, using friction to secure the earring in place–hence the name. Often times the post has a notch so that the back actually snaps into place. Rubber earnuts come in various sizes and styles, and can eliminate skin irritations for those allergic to metal backs.

We've Got Your Back

Our collections feature one of a kind, asymmetrical, simple gemstone drop, and long drop earrings. From pearls to topaz, spinel to ruby, sapphire to tourmaline - we have earrings you'll love. And the backs to go with them!
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