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Elements Collection

September 23, 2014 1 min read

Elements Collection

The Elements collection is an assemblage of small individual, handmade sculptures. It is hand fabricated from sterling wire and sheet. As you travel around an Elements collection necklace, you discover 22K Bi Metal, 18K Gold, 18K Vermeil, Black Rhodium and Oxidized Sterling Silver. There are a myriad of techniques used to create the exciting visual interest in the Elements collection. They include: Keum-Boo, a Korean technique of fusing 22K Gold onto Sterling Silver, Granulation, Reticulation, Acid Etching, Roller Printing and Bezel Set Stones. Elements Collection background: The Elements Collection truly began when I was around 8 years old. I would notice bits and pieces of things, that were quite common, string them together and make them into special bracelets for my friends. This passion continued to grow as I did. Soon yard sales provided old jewelry and beads that I would deconstruct and reconstruct into my own creations. While traveling around the world for shoots as a commercial model, I was intrigued with the architectural elements on old buildings. At one point I believed I would study architecture, but rendering a drawing wasn’t enough. The desire to construct by hand and the call to metal led me Parsons School of Design and to studies with Master Jewelers to develop skills I needed to create what I imagined. Becoming a metalsmith, I now have the skills to interpret the intriguing features and elements of ancient buildings into my work. Thus, the Elements Collection.

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