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August 05, 2018 3 min read


A Day in Dover. By the time you read this in the US, our port day in Dover will be well under way! So many wonderful places to explore -- and Dover is located in one of the most beautiful parts of England. Come and join us off the beaten path in Dover, port #2 on the Emerald Isles cruise on Viking Sky.
The White Cliffs of Dover
With stunning, unforgettable landscape and its abundance of history and heritage, there are castles to see, beautiful gardens to relax in and of course, The White Cliffs to explore. Speaking of the White Cliffs, did you know that there is a labyrinth of secret war-time tunnels beneath the White Cliffs, which are open to the public for exploration? Commissioned by Winston Churchill, these tunnels are named the Fan Bay Deep Shelter.
A Day in Dover
Travel Trivia: The Dover Harbour Board is the responsible authority for running the Port of Dover. The English Channel, here at its narrowest point in the Straits of Dover, is the busiest shipping lane in the world. (No wakeboarding here!)
Make the most of your adventure to the White Cliffs of Dover:
From Dover Castle it's a 20-minute walk to the Dover Cliffs Visitor Center. On the way you can take a short detour to where Bleriot landed after making the first manned flight across the English Channel.
You can follow public footpaths down into Dover Town coming out close to the ferry terminal.
The famous White Cliffs of Dover are best seen from out at sea, not when you're standing on top of them! You should get to see them from the cruise ship, but there is also a pleasure boat service that runs out of the port in Dover.
A Day in Dover
Be advised, it's a very steep walk from Dover town up to the top of the cliffs. There is a public bus just past Dover Castle at the top of the hill, but it's still a 15-minute walk to the visitor center from there.
There is a great view down into the ferry port directly below, a very nice cafe/restaurant and short (or long) walks can be taken along the cliffs.
South Forland Lighthouse is about 45 to 60 minutes' walk along the cliffs and is open for tours much of the year.
Travel Trivia: The cliffs are made from chalk, a soft white, very finely grained pure limestone, and are commonly 300-400m deep. The chalk layers built up gradually over millions of years. They're formed from the skeletal remains of minute planktonic green algae that lived floating in the upper levels of the ocean.
Pencester Gardens Dover
Dover has a quite a history dating back to the Roman Empire. Visiting The Roman Painted House is an incredible attraction (don’t be put off by the exterior) that consists of a museum-like structure built over the excavated remains of a Roman house dating back 1800 years. Archaeologists have determined that the house was built in about 200 AD.
For a more laid-back day to shop, relax over coffee or a cocktail or spend your time basking in gardens, head over to High Street and Biggin Street. This area is home to locally owned shops, cafes and pubs. Pencester Gardens are located right at the city center.
If you're cruising with us, once you head back on the ship, come and visit me on deck two in the shops and see my fine jewelry collections. My designs are all inspired by travel -- a perfect way to capture the memory of your trip.
Enjoy A Day in Dover. It’s time to say goodbye for now.
Hasta la bye bye!
Dee Serkin is a travel writer who specializes in destinations, culture, travel tips and advice. She is dedicated to inspiring travel in all and loves to share her adventures with others. Contact her at or visit her site at

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