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50th Anniversary Jewelry

For a milestone like the 50th wedding anniversary, an anniversary gift has to be truly unique. A diamond anniversary band in white gold, or diamond earrings in yellow gold, are wonderful ways to celebrate the event.

As with any wedding anniversary, there are classic metals or materials that are tradition states should be given as gifts. While we often toss tradition to the wind in favor of more luxurious metals, the 50th wedding anniversary’s traditional metal is gold (hence the 50th wedding anniversary being called the “golden jubilee”).

Many couples opt to retire their wedding bands after 50 years of marriage and purchase new gold jewelry bands to continue on with.

As you’re among the rare couples to make it to the half-century, we’re excited to share our favorite gold wedding anniversary gifts, featuring a variety of gemstones, such as topaz and amethyst, in golden settings such as rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

Our Favorite 50th Anniversary Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas, or searching for anniversary jewelry that’s truly unique, below you’ll find some incredible 50th anniversary gifts for your loved one.