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Silver Tanzanite and 14k Ring

A stunning tanzanite cabochon shines from a 14k bezel in this one-of-a-kind sterling silver ring. Cabochon was the default method of preparing gemstones before gemstone cutting was developed.

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  • Tanzanite cabochon; each is unique, size and shape varies
  • Set in 14k gold bezel
  • Sterling silver shank

Tanzanite Birthstone
Tanzanite is one of the December birthstones and is said to be a good stone to wear or have near in situations where you need a calming and soothing presence. It joined Zircon and Turquoise as the birthstone for December in 2002, the first gemstone to be added to the official birthstone list since 1912.

Tanzanite vs. Sapphire
Beautiful blue tanzanite was discovered in 1967, however, it is believed that tanzanite formed over 500 million years ago! The intense violet-blue hues of tanzanite can rival fine sapphire at a fraction of the price - and it's a much rarer stone!