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  • Silver Triangle Drop Earrings - Coin Pearl and Chalcedony

    These modern pearl earrings feature coin pearls and complementary chalcedony stones hanging from an 11mm textured triangle in white rhodium over sterling silver. One of a kind jewelry makes a perfect birthstone gift for mom (or another lucky lady) -- the pearls represent June's birthstone, and chalcedony is a wonderful alternate birthstone for March.

    • One-of-a-kind
    • Chalcedony marquise or teardrop and coin pearl (12mm).
    • Handcrafted in white rhodium over sterling.
    • Post earrings measure approximately 2” long.

    Where do Coin Pearls come from?
    Coin pearls are cultured pearls mostly farmed today in China in freshwater mussels in river, lakes or streams. They are formed by the pearl farmer inserting a flat round nucleus into the mussel to help it form the shape of the coin pearl.

    What do Pearls Mean?
    Pearl symbolize purity, as well as integrity and loyalty. They represent wisdom gained through experience. Larger coin pearls potentially signify abundance and prosperity, whereas smaller ones denote simplicity and modesty. The lustrous veneer of these pearls adds depth to their symbolism. The brilliance and reflective qualities of their surface mirror inner purity and enlightenment.