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Chalcedony and White Sapphire Ring

Chalcedony to the rescue. Why? Chalcedony jewelry is perfect for people who have the propensity to get worried because it is thought to remove self-doubt and build self-confidence.

Each of these one-of-a-kind sterling silver rings shows off a spectacular rose cut chalcedony slice. You'll never want to take this gorgeous sterling silver ring off your hand.

  • Rose cut chalcedony slice; each is unique, size and shape varies.
  • Pictured stone measures approximately 15x20mm.
  • 2 faceted white sapphires.
  • Sterling silver.

What is Chalcedony?
Chalcedony is a bluish, translucent gemstone that seems to glow mysteriously from within, like a clear running stream. It purportedly has many healing benefits, bringing inner peace, soothing emotions, and improving physical health.