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  • Multi Gemstone Gold Necklace/Wrapped Bracelet with Andalusite and Ruby - Long

    A gold clasp and beads highlight an array of Andalusite, Ruby, and Green Garnet. This unique necklace doubles as a wrapped gemstone bead bracelet.

    The total length of 33-34.5" has 3 clasp options which are 1 inch apart, and the necklace can be worn long or wrapped for a layered look with the clasp in front.

    Birthstone Jewelry
    With a beautiful mix of rubies, this is a great choice for a July birthstone gift. Rubies are associated with creativity, loyalty, honor, and compassion. Ruby was considered the stone of love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life for thousands of years.

    Gemstone Meanings
    Andalusite is the seeing stone that promotes the desire for self-realization, helping one to rebalance and re-align. This stone helps the wearer in discovering problems and emotional blockages while pointing the wearer to the possible resolution. It is also a protection stone.

    Green garnet is green in color and depicts mother earth. It symbolizes growth and rejuvenation of life, and is said to cleanse the heart charkha and give strength during difficult times. Green garnet increases physical vitality, kindness, and compassion.