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  • Keshi Pearl Earrings with Iolite or Green Amethyst

    Q's Keshi Pearl earrings with Iolite or Green Amethyst are stunning works of art. Shimmering pearls with cool toned gemstones. Pura Vida at its best.

    • 13mm iolite or green amethyst (prasiolite) stone.
    • 15mm wide keshi pearl.
    • Sterling silver and 18k vermeil.
    • Earring length is approximately 1 3/4"
    • Green amethyst has cluster of tanzanite, green sapphire, afghan beads and green pearl.
    • Iolite has cluster of tanzanite, green sapphire, mystic topaz and peacock pearl.

    Sterling silver leverbacks show off beautiful keshi pearls, with a mini gemstone cascade above a 13mm iolite or green amethyst (prasiolite) stone. Tiny 18k vermeil beads are the perfect accent for the silver wire and gemstones. The effect is a shimmering earring nearly 2" in length.

    What are Keshi pearls, you may ask. The term “Keshi” is used in relation to the structure and formation process of the pearl. It defines pearls with irregular shapes. Because nacre is precious material, keshi pearls are highly prized because they are pure nacre. For this reason, they are sold by weight like gemstones.

    Why Leverback Earrings?
    Leverback earrings are comfortable, stylish and best of all, secure. The backing closes completely, snapping shut by touching the earring wire. By the way, as early as 300 BC ancient Greeks were using emeralds, amethysts and pearls to make earrings. Greek earrings were similar to leverbacks. They had a curved wire that attached to the earring. They are often referred to as key earrings or snap-back earrings.

    Stunning Stones + Secure Backs = Spectacular Earrings