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  • Green Grossular Garnet Necklace in Gold

    Mixed gemstones are at the heart of the new Gemstone Collection. Green Garnets create a show-stopping necklace of 16-18", 18-20", or 20-22". The beautiful 18k vermeil closure and chain extender give you two different positions to clasp the necklace. 

    This green variety of garnet called "Grossular Garnet" originated in Siberia, and is named after the botanical word for gooseberry, “grossularia”, as the gem often resembled this fruit.

    Wear these with our Green Garnet Earrings!

    Gemstone Meanings - Green Garnet
    Green garnet symbolizes growth and rejuvenation of life. Its stone is green in color and depicts mother earth. Grossular garnet is a stone of balance, Grossular Garnet tempers strong emotions with reason and introduces a leveling sense of balance.