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Silver Tanzanite Stud Earrings

These Tanzanite stud earrings are perfect when you want a vibrant pop of color in a clean, simple setting.

  • Handcrafted in white rhodium over sterling.
  • White Sapphire (3mm) and Tanzanite (7x11mm). Each stone is unique and will vary.
  • Post earrings measure approximately 5/8” long.       

Tanzanite vs. Sapphire
Beautiful blue tanzanite was discovered in 1967, however, it is believed that tanzanite formed over 500 million years ago! The intense violet-blue hues of tanzanite can rival fine sapphire at a fraction of the price - and it's a much rarer stone!

Tanzanite Birthstone
Tanzanite is one of the December birthstones and is said to be a good stone to wear or have near in situations where you need a calming and soothing presence. It joined Zircon and Turquoise as the birthstone for December in 2002, the first gemstone to be added to the official birthstone list since 1912.