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Day or night, the Twilight Collection shines. The “new black” is Black & White with pearls, black spinel, black coral, onyx and much more. From business meeting to a night on the town, Twilight will add a classic flair to your wardrobe.


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I am happiest in the North. I even love the frozen North. It must be in my DNA. Just past the summer solstice in 2019 I was on my veranda wrapped in blankets, boots, and earmuffs enjoying the peace and quiet at 3:00 am. The stark beauty around me made me cry with pure happiness. It was a silent world and although I was on a ship with 800 other passengers, I felt like I was the only one in the world. And it was not a bit lonely. In those moments, I had no idea how to turn this bleak beauty into something wearable, but I knew it would come to me.

Some may see black and white as stark, but I realized it was the perfect new take on traditional black. The new black is black and white. From black and white diamond earrings to black and white rings, necklaces and more -- this collection brings the frozen North to life. A little glimpse of Twilight at 3 am.