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10th Anniversary Jewelry

10 years of marriage is a milestone to behold.

Traditionally diamonds, a symbol of love and faith, represent 10th wedding anniversaries.

The evening of your tenth anniversary is a time to celebrate with a special gift. Whether, diamond earrings, a diamond ring, or a diamond necklace, explore out collection of diamond jewelry.

The 10 year anniversary gift you give, encompasses all of the last decade's ups and downs, as well as the achievement and commitment required to build a successful marriage.

In short, choosing a gift for your tenth anniversary can be difficult.

What gemstone do I choose? (hint: it's diamonds, not a birthstone)

What is the right anniversary jewelry to buy? Earrings? A ring? A necklace?

What if I already bought an amazing engagement ring ten years ago?

Diamonds: The Traditional 10th Anniversary Jewelry Gemstone

Tradition states that the proper gift for the tenth anniversary is tin (or aluminum), but more contemporary 10th anniversary options include the diamond.

However, diamond jewelry can be intimidating.

When we also consider that metals can include white gold, rose gold, sterling silver, or yellow gold, the overwhelm can become even greater.

We're proud to present truly unique pieces of 10th anniversary jewelry that are sure to impress.