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March 16, 2018 1 min read


Traveler or TouristTraveler or Tourist?

As we get ready to board Viking Sky in the Mediterranean, I started thinking about  why I love to travel.
I knew, as a child, that I was a traveler.  I somehow knew there was a difference between a traveler, who strives to absorb the culture everywhere they go, and a tourist who is content to take a peek but not dive in with both feet.  I’ve no clue how I knew this.  My family is first generation American, which doesn’t usually translate to being very aware of a world beyond our own little corner.  Somehow,  I knew there was a bigger world out there and I knew that no matter how different others sounded or looked there had to be a basic sameness.  I wanted to taste it all, to discover how we can be so alike and yet so different.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I am not alone in this passion and I am so curious as to how and why some people become travelers and others grow and thrive right where they are planted.  Sooooo…. I am asking you to take the time to send me one sentence as to where your passion for seeing this wonderful world originated.  I was born with mine.  Why do some of us love the adventure and immersion of being a traveler and others prefer the comforts of their own slice of heaven? Are you a traveler or an occasional tourist…and why?
Post a comment on my FaceBook Page. Where or when did your passion for travel begin? I look forward to hearing from you!

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