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Edge Metal Collection Hoop Earrings | #pickoftheweek

January 04, 2015 1 min read

Edge Metal Collection Hoop Earrings | #pickoftheweek

The HOOP EARRING from the EDGE METAL COLLECTION from Q EVON is classic with an EDGE-- truly living up to their name!  They are this week's #pickoftheweek!   These hoop earrings start off as sterling silver -then metal smith Q covers them with white rhodium.  White rhodium is part of the platinum family and helps these beauties retain their shine and not tarnish.  Q's hoop earrings are extremely light, yet durable and are a staple in any woman's jewelry wardrobe.  They go with everything!  We loved them so much that Q offers these hoop earrings in other color options.  They are approximately 1.5" in diameter and are extremely versatile.   Being part of the EDGE METAL COLLECTION- they posses the strong structure yet remain fun and playful in their design.  Q plays with asymmetry yet remains symmetrical in most of the EDGE COLLECTION designs.  And to think the inspiration all began in a hotel room in the Maldives.  Many Q EVON designs incorporate Q's travels, life experiences and  journeys adding to their design depth.  Although simplistic in design there are many details to be admired.  To learn more of the versatile EDGE COLLECTION from Q EVON- CLICK HERE.

handmade hoop earrings in black and gold, silver, and gold from qevon.

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