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Fashion Jewelry

September 23, 2014 1 min read

Fashion Jewelry

There are many different categories of jewelry, among them; fashion jewelry, fine jewelry, and art jewelry. I really think that more so than ever, despite those people who said I didn’t really fit in a category. I think that the boundaries of each of those categories are being blurred, and it is the designers who can do that who are moving forward and really sort of taking center-stage.
Fashion jewelry follows trends. I can’t say that I’ve ever really followed trends, despite having been a commercial model for all those years. I don’t really follow fashion jewelry trends, but there is no way trends don’t filter down into what you’re doing into your consciousness. I read all the magazines. I look at everything. I look at what kind of colors are trending, so if what is happening in the fashion jewelry world is affecting my work, it might be with colors of stone, direction I’m going, or shapes that seem to be popular. I think there’s a place for all of those in fashion jewelry, but what I really see trending is an appreciation for handcrafting. It’s not as cold. There’s a warmth and there’s an intrinsic value that people don’t necessarily know they’re responding to; but they are.

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