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Black and Gold Treasure Bracelet

$ 658.00$ 752.00

Black and Gold Sculptural Bracelet

Black and Gold Treasure Bracelet

$ 658.00$ 752.00

Inspired by ancient Byzantine and Etruscan artifacts, this sculptural bracelet embodies strength, wisdom, and a little bit of magic. Among this collection of tiny treasures you will find a square charm that represents the balance of the four winds at sea; a Roman mace head – used for bludgeoning obstacles; and an eye of protection. Also, the mix of black and gold is fierce!

● Handcrafted in sterling silver, black rhodium, 18k vermeil, 22k fused gold, and 22k bi-metal elements.
● Available in 7”, 7.5”, and 8” lengths.
● Please call to inquire about delivery times.

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About the Elements Collection

Little bits of this and that were the inspirations for the Elements Collection. Each piece is an individual, handmade sculpture. Mixed metals add texture and depth. The Elements Collection is fabricated from 22k fused gold, 18k gold, 18k vermeil, black rhodium, and sterling silver. All textures are done by hand.


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