Edge Ring

$ 474.00$ 516.00

Edge Ring

$ 474.00$ 516.00

This 18k vermeil over sterling silver, wide band Edge Ring has shapes and textures lifted from a tropical paradise (and a Zen vibe you will love).

● Finely crafted in 18k vermeil over sterling silver.
● Available in half and whole sizes 6-9, larger sizes available as custom orders (please call for price).



This Edge Ring is crafted in 18k vermeil over sterling silver. Vermeil is more hypoallergenic and has a thicker layer of gold than “gold plating,” which is why we use it for our fine jewelry. Also known as “gilded silver,” vermeil jewelry won’t tarnish. (Bonus!)

A lifetime of travel has inspired many of my collections, as have philosophies like Wabi Sabi. What’s Wabi Sabi? Read on!

The ancient aesthetic philosophy of Wabi Sabi, rooted in Zen Buddhism, was the inspiration for the Edge Rings. It is a ritual of purity and simplicity in which masters prized handmade bowls that were irregularly shaped, with uneven glaze and cracks, creating beauty in their deliberate imperfection.

Modern design and architecture is the opposite of the uneven, asymmetrical and always curved lines of wabi sabi. The Edge Rings embrace this philosophy of “beauty in imperfection” with purposeful alterations in symmetry and metal texture while achieving perfect balance.

The Edge Ring is our best selling ring of all time, and our top selling commitment ring. It’s also available in Sterling Silver (with White Rhodium for anti-tarnish), 14k gold, 14k gold with white diamond, black and gold (black rhodium over sterling silver and 22k bi-metal), and oxidized sterling silver.

Not sure of your ring size? It’s easy to determine your ring size right at home. When buying a ring with a wide band, it’s generally advised to order the ring a half size larger because the width of the band changes the fit.

About the Edge Collection

The Edge Collection is fabricated by hand using Sterling silver, 18k vermeil, colored gemstones, and accent diamonds. Journeys in my life always bring the inspiration that leads to a new collection. On holiday in the Maldives, my hotel room had an interesting room divider made from woven twigs and branches. It was asymmetrical yet perfectly balanced with a structure that was both strong structure and free flowing. This is what I believe I achieved with the Edge collection.


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