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Moonstone Pendant on Snake Chain

Picture framed beautiful shimmering oval moonstone pendant on sterling silver snake chain.

  • Moonstone cabochon measures approximately 30 x 20mm
  • Pendant is approximately 1 3/4" in length
  • 18" snake chain
  • Sterling silver

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Both the Romans and Greeks associated moonstone with their lunar deities, and moonstone has been used in jewelry for millennia, including ancient civilizations. The Romans admired moonstone, as they believed it was derived from solidified rays of the Moon. In more recent history, moonstone became popular during the Art Nouveau period.
Q has incorporated the Mid Century Modern aesthetic with moonstone to create truly spectacular pieces. Moonstone is one of the June birthstones. Modern pendants like this are perfect birthday or special occasion gifts!
Moonstone properties are highly prized. It cultivates compassion and empathy, and the creative and intuitive power of feminine energy is activated by the moonstone. The serene and tranquil energy of the moonstone also invites creativity, healing and motherly protection.