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Multi Gemstone Necklace/Wrapped Bracelet with Andalusite and Green Sapphire - Long

This multiple gemstone necklace is the perfect complement to the Gold Leverback Earrings with Andalusite and Green Sapphire in Q's new Gemstone Collection. 

A gold clasp and beads highlight an array of Andalusite, Green Sapphire, Whiskey Quartz, Hessonite, and Green Garnet. This unique necklace doubles as a wrapped gemstone bead bracelet.

The total length of 33-34.5" has 3 clasp options which are 1 inch apart, and the necklace can be worn long or wrapped for a layered look with the clasp in front.

Gemstone Meaning - Green Sapphire
Green sapphire symbolizes tranquility and calmness. A green sapphire's significance is also associated with trust, loyalty, and integrity. It's often thought that those who wear green sapphire jewelry are encouraging love, thoughtfulness, and peace.