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Edge Color

The Edge Color collection features colored gemstones including topaz, amethyst, citrine and peridot set in sterling and 18k vermeil. Brilliant stones and captivating designs are the hallmark of this collection.

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The light and bright gemstones in the Edge Color Collection are both colorful and captivating to the eye. Additionally, many of the stones have deeper meaning attached to them, including spiritual and emotional energy.

For example, Amethyst promotes love, spiritual wisdom, and intuition. Blue Topaz is often associated with loyalty and love, and represents eternal romance and friendship. Common healing properties of iolite include aiding in providing direction and guidance and instilling hope during difficult times. It can promote feelings of peace, calming, and tranquility. Peridot is associated with strength and balance, it is believed to bring peace, health and rest and white topaz symbolizes hope, love and happiness.

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High quality gemstones in 14k gold, sterling silver, mixed metal and 18k vermeil. What could be better?