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Tourmaline Earrings

Beautiful Tourmaline Earring by Q Evon. The tourmaline gemstone is considered an alternative birthstone for October; it’s also the 8th-anniversary gemstone. Our Tourmaline Drop Earrings are paired with gorgeous gems like pearls, rubies, and opals.


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Tourmalines come in any color, but pink and green varieties are the most common. Its hues are muted and soft, making tourmaline earrings a great choice for those who don’t prefer the deeper green or red of an emerald or ruby. The mixed colors exhibited in some tourmalines make great engagement jewelry to resemble your perfect match.

Green tourmalines create a light, earthy pair of earrings, and pink tourmalines create a delicate, peaceful look. Our two-toned watermelon tourmalines are especially bright and charming. Our tourmaline earrings include other gemstones as an accent that provides just the right touch.

What makes our tourmaline earrings unique?

We use the tourmaline to give our earrings an extra touch of sparkle or to bring harmony to a piece. That does not mean they are unimportant--quite the contrary, the stone may tie the whole masterpiece together. Our Silver Earrings with Garnet, Carnelian include tourmaline at the crux of the cross-shaped earrings.