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Sapphire Pendant Necklaces

Sapphire Necklaces featuring rose-cut sapphires and sapphire slices. Sapphire is the beautiful blue September birthstone and is featured throughout this collection. Choose from single pendants and multi-pendant sapphire necklaces.


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A sapphire pendant is the perfect focal piece for your jewelry collection. We let the natural sapphire speak for itself through our design. No two sapphires are alike, and we don’t attempt to make replicas. Our sapphire necklaces not only retain their natural beauty but also place it front and center in a unique pendant. 

What makes our sapphire pendant necklaces unique? 

Our rose-cut sapphire accentuates the soft, natural beauty of the stone rather than giving it a polished luster. The natural blue sapphire is not clear and lustrous like the polished gem but darker and more opaque. Its deep blue color is more alluring than flashy and enhances the stone’s deeper meaning. 

What is a rose-cut stone? Rose-cut stones are flat at the bottom and domed at the top with triangular facets. Rather than receiving extra sparkle, a rose-cut sapphire has a more vivid,  velvety color. 

You can purchase our sapphire necklaces with either one, three, or five sapphire pendants. Necklaces with multiple sapphires in deep blue, brown, plum, or green are one-of-a-kind and whimsical. 

Our sapphire pendants are designed in a variety of interesting styles that suit each sapphire’s unique color. Diamond and sapphire necklaces are stunning since the luster of the diamonds intensifies the natural sapphire’s beauty. Our large sapphire pendant in denim and mocha is the only stone of its kind and is rightfully crowned in a halo of white sapphires. Our Circle of Fire Sapphire is surrounded by blazing garnets and citrines, giving the stone a sense of power. The same style is also available surrounded by petals of blue topaz and peridot, giving the sapphire more tranquility. 

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