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Pearl Earrings

Baroque Pearl Earrings, Pearl Drop Earring, and unique pieces featuring stick pearls and coin pearls. Discover our entire collection of Pearl Earrings.


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Pearl earrings provide the perfect subtle statement to your ensemble. Pearls come in light and dark colors. Akoya pearls are most commonly white, while Tahitian pearls are often dark. The peacock pearl available in our collection has a blue-green iridescence that is rare and enchanting.

What makes our pearl earrings unique?

We love to use pearls with personality. Our pearl earrings aren’t smooth and retain their pretty imperfections. Each pearl is like a unique treasure washed ashore with a color and shape all its own. 

Types of pearl earrings

Teardrop: Drop pearl earrings fall like water droplets and may be clustered or single pearls, as pictured in Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. Our collection includes single, baroque pearl earrings and pearl with lapis and turquoise droplets, like rain trailing down a window. 

Baroque pearls are named from the Portuguese term barroco which means imperfect, coarse, or uneven pearl--in other words, imperfectly round. Baroque pearls are perfect for anyone who loves all things quirky and unique. These irregular pearls defy the traditional view that pearls have to be perfectly round and smooth.

Stud: Stud pearl earrings are fixed to the earlobe and may be small or statement pieces. Our Dream of Morea is a large baroque pearl crowned with a laurel of either blue topaz and peridot or black and silver spinels. 

Coin: Coin pearls are flat and cultured, or grown naturally, but with assistance by inserting a round, flat nucleus into a mollusk to give it a coin shape. Our Silver Triangle Drop Coin Pearl Earrings hang from an aquamarine like a pendulum in a clock. 

Dangle: Dangle earrings fall to the cheekbone or jawline and are usually crafted with multiple mixed beads. Our Keshi Pearl Earrings dangle with a pale green amethyst or frosty periwinkle lolite like dew on a cool morning. 

Button: Button pearls are small, round, and stacked on other handmade beads or gems, like our Gold and Black Spinel Button Pearl Earrings

Hoop: Pearl hoop earrings, like our Spinel and Pearl Hoops, are great for casual or dressy occasions. 

Choose from our entire pearl jewelry collection.