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Opal Earrings

Unique and one-of-a-kind Opal Earrings by Q Evon. Our finely crafted earrings feature Opals paired with other stunning gems for a look that’s current yet timeliness while being elegant and fun.


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The opal’s brilliant play-of-color allows us to create fun and playful earrings with a kaleidoscope of multi-colored stones in a variety of shapes. We primarily use blue opals, like lightning ridge opals, within our collection.

What makes our opal earrings unique?

No color of stone is off limits with opals, and we use all colors of the rainbow when designing our unique opal earrings. Sometimes we stay within the same color family, as we do with our 14k Gold Chrysocolla & Mixed Stone Earrings, which includes peridot, blue topaz, green tourmaline, green onyx, and chrysocolla. But other times, we use an interesting blend of colors, as in our 14k Gold Asymmetrical Opal, Carnelian, and Multi-Stone Earrings

Our opal drop earrings use marquise, oval, triangle, diamond-shaped, and raw shapes all within the same pair of earrings. Opals are the perfect stone to express the beauty of freeform and asymmetry. Even the flecks of color within the opal itself are haphazard and contrasting but undeniably lovely, which we strive to replicate within our opal earrings. 

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