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Unique Engagement and Commitment Rings

Show your love with a Commitment Ring by Q Evon. Whether you want an engagement ring alternative or you’re making a promise, this collection includes stunning and one-of-a-kind pieces like a 14K Amethyst Ring with White Diamond accents or a 14K Ruby Ring with White Diamonds.


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Commitment and engagement rings both signify a couple in love for life. Engagement rings hold the promise of marriage, but commitment rings express a couple’s loyalty and devotion when marriage is not in the foreseeable future. Once you know you’ve found the one, you don’t need wedding plans to give a ring. Whether you are ready to propose or simply want to express commitment, we’ve designed the perfect rings for either occasion. 

What makes our engagement rings unique?

Our unique engagement rings are in no way traditional. They are edgy, elegant, and artistic--perfect for the non-traditional bride. Our collection includes colorful commitment rings, non-diamond engagement rings, and gemstone rings with diamond accents. There are no rules for creating unique engagement rings and certainly no rules for shopping for one. We hope that you find a ring that fits your style and personality or is the perfect representation of your relationship.

Engagement ring alternatives

Colorful gemstones are great engagement ring alternatives. Ruby, emerald, and sapphire engagement rings are the most durable non-diamond options. If you are concerned with longevity but don’t see yourself wearing a red, blue, or green ring, try a sapphire ring in another color since they come in a wide variety. Black spinel rings are an enduring and extra-sparkly alternative to the black diamond for the edgy bride.

If you’re hesitant to abandon tradition altogether, consider a gemstone ring with diamond accents like our Sapphire and Diamond Ring. Semi-precious stones, like amethysts, peridots or topaz are beautiful, budget-friendly options. 

If you want your engagement or commitment ring to have deep significance, consider choosing by a stone’s meaning or by you and your partner’s birthstone. 

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