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Spinel Jewelry

From necklaces to earrings, discover our full collection of hand-crafted Black Spinel Jewelry. This exquisite dark-colored stone can be found paired with opals, rubies, and mixed metals for some truly unique pieces.


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Spinel Jewelry 

Spinel is a name for a variety of minerals most commonly found in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka. Until 150 years ago, the red spinel was assumed to be a ruby. This gem symbolizes love and passion, making spinel jewelry a great gift for someone special. 


The transparent and sparkly red spinel has a wide range of colors and is often mistaken for precious rubies and sapphires. This gem is so naturally clear and vibrant that it is often left untreated. 


Black spinel is a rare and beautiful alternative to the black diamond. Since our black spinel is perfectly faceted, it is often mistaken for a black diamond. Black spinel jewelry has all the brilliance and mystery of the black diamond at a lower cost. Spinel is more transparent, but the diamond is more durable. Our black spinel, pyrite, and ruby necklaces shimmer as brightly as a diamond.  


Spinel birthstone: Spinel is the birthstone of August, along with peridot and sardonyx. 

Shopping for an August birthday? Browse the peridot collection or shop birthstone jewelry.  


Types of Spinels 

Spinel comes in many colors, including red (pink hue), brown, blue, black, blue, yellow, white, purple (violet and lavender shades), green, and orange. The minerals iron, chromium, vanadium, and cobalt give spinels a wide color selection.    Red is a highly valued spinel color, but so are orange, cobalt, and black. Names for different types of spinels distinguish between their colors. 

  • Balas spinel or balas ruby: deep pinkish-red
  • Flame spinel: vivid reddish-orange
  • Almandine spinel: violet or lavender
  • Pleonaste: dark green, almost black
  • Hercynite: black with hints of iridescence 
  • Gahnospinel: dark teal
  • Picotite: earthy colors 
  • Gahnite: a rare spinel in various colors

Here are a few of our favorite spinel jewelry options: the East-West Silver Marquise Black Spinel Ring, the Gold Tassel Black Spinel Necklace, and our Spinel, Ruby, and Gold Long Necklace.