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Sapphire Jewelry

The Q Evon collection of Sapphire Jewelry features stunning blue, white, and mocha sapphires. Get Sapphire Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings made with rose-cut sapphires, sapphire slices, and rough sapphires for a unique and one-of-a-kind look.


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Sapphire Jewelry 

Sapphire jewelry is elegant and romantic and a favorite of royalty. A sapphire signifies devotion and loyalty, making it a perfect engagement stone. The sapphire ranks right below the diamond in hardness and durability. Large sapphires free of inclusions are the rarest to encounter and the most valuable. 


Our one-of-a-kind sapphires are rough-cut rather than polished. We let the sapphire’s natural beauty guide our designs, rather than polishing all of our gems in uniformity. Each natural sapphire has a beauty that deserves recognition. Our sapphire pendants keep their beauty front and center. The organic shape and color are retained in rough sapphire pendants and other jewelry. This is why our sapphires are a deep denim or have varying shades of blue. 


Our rose-cut sapphires are a deep or bright blue. The rose-cut has fewer facets than a brilliant cut gem. It’s less sparkly but more its true self. 


Sapphire birthstone: September 

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Types of Sapphires

Sapphires exist in many different colors, blue being the most common. Any corundum that is not red is considered a sapphire--the rest are rubies. Other popular colors for sapphire jewelry include yellow, lavender or purple, and pink. 


  • Cornflower blue sapphire is the most highly valued of all sapphire’s many shades of blue. Its color is the truest of the blues. To be considered cornflower blue, a sapphire must contain no trace of green or purple hues. 


  • Star sapphire looks like a small slice of the night sky with its white star of refracted light against a blue backdrop. This asterism can occur in any color sapphire, including the rare black star sapphire found in Queensland. 


  • White sapphire looks similar to a diamond, but it pales in comparison when placed side-by-side. A diamond refracts light like a prism, producing small rainbows, while a white sapphire does not catch the light in the same way. White sapphires make excellent diamond alternatives. Unlike the white topaz, they do not have any extra tint of color. You’ll find white sapphires throughout the collection in pieces like our 9 Tab Necklace.


  • Padparadscha sapphire’s color of rose or fresh salmon is extremely rare and valuable. The blend of pink and deep, intense orange is rich and alluring and trending as a unique engagement stone.   


  • Red Sapphire: Red sapphire does not occur naturally. It is formed when a piece of corundum is infused with beryllium and subjected to intense heat and pressure. This causes an ordinary sapphire to take on a reddish hew.


Here are a few of our favorite sapphire jewelry options: 14k Sapphire Ring with Diamonds, 5-Stick Rose Cut Sapphire Necklace with Peridot, and our Circle of Fire –14k Gold and Blue Sapphire Earrings.

If sapphire is not the blue for you, consider our blue topaz jewelry.