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Ruby Jewelry

Ruby is the popular July birthstone known for its fiery deep red color. This collection of Ruby Jewelry includes unique and one-of-a-kind Ruby Necklaces and Earrings made with beautiful rose cut ruby slices.


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Ruby Jewelry 

Ruby jewelry is some of the most sought-after in the market. The ruby begins as a colorless stone until it absorbs iron from limestone, giving it a rich, regal red color. The more iron absorbed, the deeper the red. Rubies are a type of corundum like sapphires. 

Next to the diamond, the ruby is the most durable and valuable gemstone, with a Mohs hardness score of 9.

Ruby birthstone: July 

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Types of Rubies 

Rubies from different localities exhibit different characteristics. Burmese rubies from Myanmar are some of the best for their exceptional color quality. Thai rubies are dark, and African rubies have a hint of purple. A ruby formed in marble has less iron and is more vibrant than one formed in basalt rock, which is much darker. 

The deep red Burmese ruby with hues of blue is the most sought after by jewelers and gem collectors. Like its sister sapphire, when a ruby exhibits asterism, it is known as a Star Ruby.

Here are some of our favorite pieces of ruby jewelry: Our one-of-a-kind Circle of Fire–14k Gold and Ruby Necklace with Citrine, featuring 11 handpicked rose-cut ruby slices, and our spectacular 14k Ruby Ring with White Diamonds.

How to tell a ruby from a garnet: Rubies are deep red with hints of cool colors, like blue and purple. A garnet has warmer orangish hints. Ruby jewelry only comes in shades of red, but garnet jewelry can be fashioned in many colors. Garnets are softer, semi-precious stones that display yellow or green rays in their rainbow spectrum when held to the light.