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Peridot Jewelry

Finely crafted Peridot Necklaces, Earrings, and Rings by Q Evon. Peridot is the August birthstone and has a gorgeous green color This collection of Peridot Jewelry features the Peridot gem paired with fine metals and stunning gems.


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Peridot Jewelry 

The peridot is a fun and striking green gem formed from volcanic activity. The diamond is the only other gem produced by volcanoes. Peridot’s green color ranges from lime to olive and does not come from other minerals as it does in most gemstones. The peridot is idiochromatic, meaning its composition contains iron that produces shades of green. 


Peridot jewelry is excellent for every-day or evening wear. Peridots are clear and extra glistening because of their double refraction. The peridot’s inclusions are invisible to the naked eye. Under a microscope, you can see the tiny circular inclusions called lily pads. Because of its excellent quality, peridots are left untreated. 


Here are some of our favorite pieces from our peridot jewelry collection: Black and Gold Peridot Ring, Blue Rose Cut Sapphire and Peridot Earrings, and the Stick Pearl and Peridot Silver Dangle Earrings.


Peridot meaning: Peridots symbolize openness, compassion, and joy and are thought to bring luck to the wearer. 


Peridot birthstone: August (along with spinel jewelry)

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As a lighter gemstone, the peridot pairs beautifully with deeper, richer stones, like sapphires and amethysts. The peridot has a delicate and ethereal look when crafted into jewelry with other cool-colored gems like a blue topaz or aquamarine.