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Pearl Jewelry

Q Evon Pearl Jewelry offers a unique spin on a classic. You’ll love our finely crafted 14K Gold Pearl Earrings, one-of-a-kind Baroque Pearl Earrings, and Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklaces. Find an exquisite piece for your jewelry collection.


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Pearl Jewelry 

Pearls offer both a unique and classic look in this timeless collection. The pearl’s unenhanced luster and smooth, spherical shape make it a natural beauty in need of no enhancement. Pearls grow encased in saltwater oysters or freshwater mussels. They are either translucent or opaque and very soft and may have colorful overtones.  


Types of Pearls

Pearls are either natural or cultured. Cultured pearls are not fake gems--they’re naturally grown with some assistance and look exactly like natural pearls. Barrel pearls are oblong and perfect for crafting a necklace. Baroque pearls are irregular-shaped and often used to create one-of-a-kind pieces. The inner iridescent mollusk shell is called Mother of Pearl and is a popular choice for jewelry. 


Pearls come in many neutral, pastel, and dark colors. The two most common are the white or cream pearl and the black pearl. The white pearl is the Akoya pearl harvested in Japan. The black pearl, often with colorful overtones, is the Tahitian pearl from the French Polynesian Islands. 


Here are a couple of our favorite pearl jewelry options: the Dream of Moorea –14k Gold and Baroque Pearl Earrings, One of a Kind Silver Dangle Earrings with Stick Pearls, and the Keshi Pearl Pendant with Green Amethyst


Pearl birthstone: June (along with Alexandrite)

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To care for your pearl jewelry, plan for regular maintenance from a jeweler. Pearls are soft and easily scratched. Don’t wear pearls while cooking, applying cosmetics, exercising, or cleaning. Pearls age or dry out over time, but with proper care, your pearls can last for generations.