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Onyx Jewelry

Discover finely crafted Onyx Jewelry by Q Evon. This collection features beautiful Onyx Earrings paired with exquisite metals and gems for a unique look. The Onyx stone radiates strength and stamina, it is a zodiac stone for Gemini and Leo.


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Black Onyx Jewelry

The mysterious black onyx used in jewelry is often a form of chalcedony. This dazzling stone adds a striking contrast when set in gold or silver. The natural onyx is layered, which makes it an excellent stone for intricate pieces. Black onyx pairs nicely with less opaque gems, like diamonds, or colorful gems, like opals in rings, bracelets, or necklaces. 


Black onyx meaning: Black onyx jewelry was once worn in mourning, but now, the gem is used more frequently and is thought to provide protection or stability. The name “onyx” is believed to have come from the Greek word for “nail” because of its alabaster-color layers.  


Types of Onyx 

  • Sardonyx contains layers of red, orange, and brown resembling red clay or the planet Jupiter.
  • Carnelian has a more uniform color than Sardonyx and its colors are slightly darker.
  • Arabic onyx has layers of jet black and bright white and is typically what is referred to by the term “onyx.” 


Here are a couple of our favorite black onyx jewelry options: Black Onyx Drop Earrings, and the Jester Cap Gold Onyx Earrings.


Birthstone: Black onyx is the popular alternative birthstone for July. If you’re shopping for jewelry for July birthdays, also consider our ruby jewelry or shop birthstone jewelry

Black Onyx vs Obsidian: Both stones make elegant jewelry in any form, but black onyx is a mineral, while obsidian is cooled lava. The onyx has a waxy luster and is duller than the glassy obsidian. Black onyx and obsidian look similar, but the obsidian is much lighter since it is not a mineral. If you’re looking for a black mineral that is more transparent than onyx, you may be interested in black spinel jewelry.