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Blue Topaz Jewelry

Unique and one-of-a-kind hand-crafted Blue Topaz Jewelry by Q Evon. The Blue topaz gemstone is known for its stunning blue color and is widely recognized as the December birthstone. Paired with mixed metals and other stunning stones this collection is truly special.


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Blue Topaz Jewelry

Blue, in light and icy or deep denim shades, is a popular color choice of topaz jewelry. Blue topaz jewelry is perfect for every-day wear and a favorite selection for unique engagement rings. This semi-precious gem has perfect cleavage, which gives it a little extra sparkle. 

Types of Blue Topaz

From darkest to lightest: 

  • London blue topaz is a rich, deep denim, more muted than sapphire.
  • Swiss blue topaz is a bright, watery blue.
  • Sky blue topaz is a pale, glassy blue, a popular engagement and commitment ring choice.


A few of our favorite blue topaz jewelry pieces include this beautiful 3-Stone Petal Blue Topaz and 14k Gold White Diamond Pendant Necklace, our Silver and Blue Topaz Edge Bracelet, and our 14k Blue Topaz Ring with Diamond Accents.  


The value of blue topaz lies in its color and clarity. This semi-precious gem is usually crystal clear with no visible inclusions. Topaz is an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. Wearing London blue topaz jewelry, in particular, is believed to promote calmness and good communication. 


Blue topaz birthstone: December (along with blue zircon) 

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How to care for your topaz jewelry

The topaz gem has perfect cleavage, which means it’s crystal clear but can fracture if bumped on a hard surface. The color blue is sensitive to chemicals or heat, so do not wear your blue topaz jewelry when cleaning or washing your hair. To clean, simply wipe the gemstone with warm water, dish soap, and a soft rag or brush. 

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