13 Types of Earrings and Earring Backs

girl wearing dangle earring

Knowing earring types comes in handy when shopping for a new pair to suit a special occasion, your favorite outfit, another piece of jewelry, or your face shape. But once you’ve found the perfect pair of earrings for you, you’d hate to lose one. Earring backs are small but oh-so essential in keeping your earrings […]

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How to Pack Jewelry for Travel

packing case for travel

Packing jewelry for travel is a must if you ask us! But you may want to pause your packing and consider whether it’s safe to tote your most valuable pieces with you. Traveling with jewelry requires a few extra precautions. Whether flying with jewelry to another state or another continent, it’s important to carry it […]

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Gemstone Color & Meanings–Your Ultimate Guide

aquamarine gemstones

Gemstones are pieces of nature’s beauty captured and kept. There’s something about a sparking stone that stops us in our tracks and compels us to claim it. For over 10,000 years, humans have collected and worn gems. Gemstones were once considered little pieces of heaven on earth–either specks of starlight or teardrops of a god–with […]

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